hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this weekend me and my flyball teem partispayted in woofstock in balboa park!!! now woofstock of korse is naymd after the faymus littel bird frum the comic dokyoomentary peenuts in wich the littel bird invited a bunch of his frends over to lissen to myoozik and git muddy and brayd eetch others hare and drink lots of coffee ennyway i dont no why the littel bird wuz naymd woofstock but their yoo go

we had typical byootiful california wether for woofstock

not!!!!! hay gud luk selling yore solar panels their buddy!!! ennyway as yoo can see their wer menny menny attendees in attendanse at woofstock but fortchoonatly they had spayrd no ekspense to mayk shoor order and dekorum wer mayntaynd:

now dont try ennything funny he nos chop sooey and isnt afrayd to yooze it ha ha aiiiieeeeee jiant metal thing in the sky!!!!!

whew that wuz a close wun ware wuz i oh yes so their wer lots of diffrent sorts of dogs at woofstock such as the faymus pocket dog thing:

and the faymus singer freddie pugcury:

and that creepy stuffie wot wuz haynging arownd palomar mowntin:

and a former roadie for the graytful ded:

and a dog wot wuz evidently left parkd overnite in a kwestchunabul nayborhud and got graffitied all over by peeseniks:

and this poor fellow:

hay why so seeryus?

ok thats better ha ha aiiiieeee anuther jiant metal thing in the sky!!!!!

whew that wuz another close wun ok ennyway sum peepul yoozd woofstock as an oppertoonity to advanse sum sort of pyooritan adjenda:

hay i am not nood i hav a collar on!!! and freddie pugcury is waring a lether hat!!! git a kloo peepul!!! ennyway my teem wuz dooing flyball demonstrayshuns chek it owt:

wow verry impressiv evrybuddy!!! lets go to the freez frayms:

whew grayt akshun shots lets see another — aiiieeeeeee jiant metal thing in the sky agin!!!!

gosh yoo wud think we wer rite in the flite path of sum sort of jiant metal thing in the sky landing and taykoff playse or sumthing!!!! ok ennyway lets go bak for another flyball demo heer goes:

as yoo can see i got my neepads bak frum wunder woman she mayd me rite her a chek for twenty dollers but i rote it owt of trouble the kittys akkownt and it wil probly bownse ennyway ha ha ok lets see anuther freeze fraym frum a diffrent angle:

woo thats a gud luking dog if i do say so myself!!! ha ha aiieeeeeeeeeee its anuther yoo no wot!!!!

wel ennyway that wuz my satterday hay freddie pugcury do yoo hav ennything yoo wood like to say before we rap things up???

yes we ar freddie pugcury … yes we ar!!!! ok bye

32 thoughts on “woofstock!!!

  1. Dennis, Woofstock sounds pawesome! I want to go! There were so may different doggies there! I must say that I am SO impressed with your flyball skills! That looks like great fun and you are really good at it! I loved watching the video and seeing freeze frames of you. 🙂 I also checked out your team page…very nice. MOm says we live in a small town so we don’t have anyone here that offers flyball…have you ever done lure coursing…I think that would be grrreat too! 🙂 Have a super Monday!



  2. So cute looks like you guys had a really fun Weekend! It does look awesome I bet Makwa would love to go to Woofstock. Lots of cute dogs too. It’s nice Dennis looked relaxed and having a great time.


  3. Woooo! you’re super Vizla. Boy, can you fly! U know, if it weren’t for your fine descriptions I would have thought you dogs at Woofstock have some trouble being stuck to the ball on the box ….

    If Dogs are capable of being in the Nude then Dog Woods would be one very DOG NUDE PARK! Some of us have acquired the neat trick of gnawing off our collars! Wheeeee … freeeeeee ….

    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy of Dog Woods


  4. Wow Dennis! You keep some very impressive company. I love your knee pads. Of course, being a nudist, I would never wear them myself, but they look fabulous on you. If we met schnozz to schnozz, you should know that I would probably try to take them off of you. I do the same thing with those bandanananas all those pups wear. What kind I say. I am a nudist activist.


    P.S. You’re cute.


  5. That looks like so much FUN! Do the kneepads protect your legs from the impact when you hit the thing with the ball in it?

    Dennis says: hello daisy yes they are suppozd to do that and also to protekt the dooclaws of wich i dont hav enny but sum dogs do ennyway that is why i had to pay wunder woman the twenty dollers to git them bak ok bye


  6. Hai Dennis! Yoo know what? We gots sumfin in common! I do not have dooclaws either. I gots them gone when I was too little to remembers.


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  7. Dennis
    What fun!

    I love youw kneepads, and that Pugcuwwy guy looks like lots of fun, as do all the cool doggies at woofstock..I think it was vewy wude of that metal thing in the sky to keep intewwupting youw festivitie
    smoochie kisses


  8. That flyball looks like fun! What in the world, we have those giant metal things in our sky too, Tanner wants to know if you live by us? (argh)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the photos, it looks like fun. I hope Wonder Woman doesn’t send the knee breakers after you for the $20.

    Dennis says: hello joe stains hay tell tanner we liv in the mithical land of sandy eggo wich is like nine thowsand miles frum the mithical land of feeniks wich is like wun day by car if yoo drive reely fast ok bye


  9. Hey Dennis I have to say you look purty stylish in them kneepads and OHMIGOSH OHMIGOSH ITS A TENNIS BALL LOOKIT RIGHT THERE GET IT GET IT GET IT ITS MINE I SAW IT FIRST!!!!



  10. WOW!

    That was surely fun looking BUT so NOT in my Siberian book of stuff I do!

    PeeEssWoo: So, by the time woo got to woofstokhk, woo were how many millions strong?


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    Hi Dennis, If you are able to take a moment out of your adventurous & highly exciting life I have tagged you for one of those silly meme things OK bye


  13. Hey I just went back & watched the video. You did a great job & I like the big effort put in by the little short legged Basset hound looking fella.
    I showed Michelle the video & told her that’s Dennis who ate Flat Tony
    Sometimes the bitterness just never goes away….


  14. Why so serious? Ha ha, sounds like that joker dude from batman. I heard that the flyball teams like short doggies cause it makes the jumps lower for the whole team. Not an issue for you, I suppose with your springy leggies.



  15. Oh wow, Dennis! What a great day out you had!! You looked super fast doing your flyball. And your knee pads are super cool!! Poor kitty will has not money left after buying them for you!!

    Scotty xx


  16. Wow Dennis, you is a flyball superstar. I hate those metal flying things, you is lucky they did not swoop down and get you I thinks.
    ~lickies, Ludo


  17. Wow!! Woo iz sooo fast!! We don’t reelee undurstand da flyball ting. It luks to us like woo iz running into a wall! We iz just not understandyng too gud. But da day luks like sooo much funn!

    Gus and Waldo


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