25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: You Don’t Seriously Think I Had Anything To Do With This, Do You?

  1. Noooo….that be a totally innocent fluff explosion!! You was no where near when it happened, you just comed across it as your daddy found you. Maybe it was Dennis…?! BOL 😉


  2. Umm Trixie you mite want to brush yer furs a bit before claiming yer innosince. I thinks I see sum white fluff in there. I know it could have getted in there just by aksident but still you do not want to give the joory the wrong idea.

    Yer pal Dozer


  3. Trixie, we know you would never do this. It was definitely Dennis. I bet he told you to sit there a minute while he got the camera. 😉


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