carnadj at the wild animal park!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel mama and dada and there gests went to the sandy eggo wild animal park today and let me tel yoo they wer lukky to git owt in wun peese check it owt!!!

rite now the wild animal park is running a socalld speshul attrakshun of butterflies now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking butterflies are pretty and harmless wel ha!!!! i am shoor that is just wot this poor fellow thawt too:

but that wuz before all those bloodsucking butterflies attachd themselvs to his bak!!! withowt proper treetment this poor man wil be ded within thirty or forty yeerz!!! fortchoonatly mama and dada wer abel to eskayp this fayt on akkownt of they didnt want to wayt in line for forty minnits to git into the butterfly howse whew sayvd by impayshense!!!

now i no that most peepul assoshiayt the wild animal park with conservayshun but that is not always the kayse for instanse heer is a person at the park hoo has just come bak from a profitabul trip hunting faeries for there valyooabul wings wich ar yoozd in costume jewelry and maykup:

whew thats a gud hawl!!! those wings wil be wurth like fifty dollars on the open market!!!

the wild animal park is home to menny rayr plants as well as animals for instanse heer is the faymus spagetti plant:

this wood appear to be beta karoteen enhansed ayndjel hare pasta mmmmm ayndjel hare their ar also menny wildflowers and wotnot growing owt in the feelds of the wild animal park theez ar yoozd in the wild animal parks wildly suksessful hay fever propagayshun program:

altho in jeneral the wild animal park is a harmonyus playse yoo sumtimes hav to deel with unskroopyoolus animals wot try to prey on the nayevetay of hyoomans for instanse heer we see a skweedjee weelding rinoserus trying to shayk down a truk ful of toorists after rushing over and cleening there windsheeld:

dont giv the rino enny appels toorists!!! it only enkooradjes this behayvyor!!!

now heer we can see a nooly konstrukted zip line wot comes in from the distant hi ridj over the animal enklozhures to end at the platform below kleerly this wuz bilt by ninja hedjhogs in an attempt to infiltrayt the wild animal park but fortchoonatly it is not yet operayshunal whew dodjd anuther bullitt on that wun!!!

it is a littel nown fakt that the faymus wizard of oz yoozes the wild animal park as a bayse frum wich to lawntch his balloons into the air dada and his parents had plannd to go on an ekskurzhun in the wizards balloon but hi winds kawzed the balloon to swirl arownd and arownd in the air after wich the wizards henchmen declayrd that the balloon wud be grownded for a wile mutch to dadas releef

i am shoor that this is sumhow the fawlt of that jiant stuffie

but ennyway as yoo can see frum this dada is a littel bit yellow sutch that even the jiraffs think nuthing of mayking fun of him:


speeking of jiraffs they can appeer surprisingly cultcherd:

however they ar not reely intrested in grey poopon insted wile yo ar loaning them yore bottel of musterd the rino skweedjee men wil be bizzily steeling yore hubcaps

they may luk slow and clumsy but do not be foold!!! the end of there horns are speshuly adapted for removing lug nuts frum wheels and they can spin at like nine thowsand rpms!!!!

the wild animal park is home to menny other animals as well sutch as the insaynly kyoot cheetah cub:

and the mtm bufalo wot is so calld becuz it likes to comb its hare like mary tyler moore frum the faymus televizhun dokyoomentary the dick van dyke show:

and the verry verry rayr big butt rinoserus:

and tim currys karakter frum the faymus dokyoomentary legend:

and a teensy weensy elefant:

and the jiraff wot thinks its a tree trunk:

but reely folks lets giv it up for the true star of the wild animal park the wun park inhabitent withowt wich nun of this wood be possibul thats rite lets heer it for the chayn link fense!!!!

oh no the wild animal park volcano is erupting!!!!  kwik evrywun bak to the exits!!!

whew that wuz shoor a wirlwind toor of the wild animal park!!! i think its time to lie down and hav a nap just like this baby big butt rinoserus:

good thinking baby big butt rino sumtimes yoo just hav to fall over in the dirt and sleep for a wile ok bye

18 thoughts on “carnadj at the wild animal park!!!

  1. I love elephants! Especially baby ones!

    The giraffe is right in chiding your Da.

    Did you know that cheetahs sound like puppies when they “bark?” I was surprised the first time I heard them.


  2. I grew some of my very own butterflies, so I know there is a big secret about them: they grow from WERMS! Yep. The werm mutates into a hard pod-like thing, and then the butterfly comes out. So when you see a butterfly, just know it’s really just a fancy WERM!


  3. That looked like a pawsome day out Dennis!! But why oh why was you lots not allowed to goes alongs toos? That be so unfair!!

    The big butt rhino is an amazing sight! 😉 xx


  4. Thank You for sharing these cool pics! I love all animals and love how curious they are when we humans look at them! They wonder about us all, I am certain!!!


  5. BOL! What a funny bunch of animals!! Dennis, you sure know how to spin a good story. 🙂 Those creatures were very neat but bummer you didn’t get to go meet them.



  6. Dennis, I know why us dogs are not allowed at the Zoo park. Its because we irritayt the animals, and they get ferocial and bust out of cages and do bad things to us. Fr’instance, how would it feel to have the big butt rhino sit on you. You probably wouldn’t even know. So just be glad you stay home.



  7. yippeeee!
    An animal with a bigger butt than mine!

    and I shake an angry fist at the hayfever program.

    Was there a pirate fish around the spaghetti tree? and if spaghetti is now growing on tress, it means I can eats it! YEAAHHHHH!


  8. Thank you for the tour of the wild animal park. That was super educational. I’m gonna stay away from those squee jee rhino guys. They look like trouble. But not Trouble the kitty.



  9. Gosh, there sure was a lot of weirdness at that animal park. No wild visa doggies such as yourself, huh?

    That balloon made momma barf just thinking about it. All that bobbing about. There are some big bottoms there for sure.

    Are you going to go and live there?



  10. Goodness a blue smoking volcano & the butterflies are so colourful. Looks like a great day was had. Too bad you dogs didn’t get to go…


  11. omdog, I think Tanner is part big butt rhino!! amazing! I am so glad your parents were able to escape with their lives. I had no idea the animal park was such a dangerous place.


  12. WOW that rino had a big butt! I thinks it wuz almost bigger then Stars butt. It wuz so big that that is the only thang I kin remembers frum this whole post!

    Yer pal Dozer


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