27 thoughts on “The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

  1. I can’t stop laughing at this!!!! That is exactly what happens at our house. First the greeting then run & get a toy although Rocket knows the difference between food & non-food items. If it’s food items his face is in the bag and ripped outta your hands.


  2. So funny! Clover does the same thing with the toy. As soon as she realizes its me, she runs and finds a toy to bring to me. Cosmo just flaps his tail and goes to the back door to be let out to pee on my new plants.


  3. What a cool looking door!

    I like how the Viszlas carry their toys around. My brother used to have a pit bull/lab mix that did that.


  4. Hope she had something goopd for you in those bags! 🙂 Isn’t it great when your Mom comes home!! LOVE the title too…my Mom says she is a Tom Petty fan…whoever that is??



  5. Lovely welcome for your Mom (even if it might possibly be cupboard love, heehee!

    Crumbs, your Daddy and I are Very Bad Copyright Infringers. Smacked wrists to both of us! It’s not like we need to actually buy any music that we really like, coz the quality’s so good on all those networking sites (not!). Mmmwwwhaahaahaa! 🙂 xxx


  6. Hey! thats what I do when mom comes home only I take her one of my very chewed nylabone collection or an exploding blankie!


  7. You Vizslas look very cute carrying your toys about in great antipation of play … only Joe does that in our neck of the woods. That Rottie’s a retriever at heart !

    licks and wags

    Tuffy of Dog Woods


  8. Vizslas with toys & Trixie with the whole half body wagging thing going on. She’s got more rockin’ hip action than a beach full of Hula dancers


  9. Greeting momma is one of the high points of my day too! Master usually lets us outside right before she comes home and I howl when I hear her car. Pee-wee likes to grab a stuffie to greet with just like you!


    P.S. There I go with the grammars again, I meant he grabs a stuffie the same way you do, not he grabs a stuffie that is Dennis-like.


  10. Tanner is now very confused. He wonders how our front security door got to your house. And how it can still be at my house if it is at your house. I am going to have a long day explaining this one.

    Dennis says: hello joe stains hay dada sez to tel tanner that it is home depots fawlt but as yoozual i hav no ideea wot he is tawking abowt ok bye


  11. Well I am impressed you are all so kwiet when yer Mummy comes home! I have always feeled an uncontrolable urge to skweal and gargle like Chewbaca whenever ennyone comes in the front door. However yer three-toy aproach seems more efektive than my one-toy aproach.

    Yer pal Dozer


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