wunderful presents!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? i got a packadj frum my gud frends rio rocket and delilah the other vizslas!!! wot cud it be?!?!?

open mama open it open it open it!!!

oooh its a hat!!! and sum rawhide!!! and sum plastic bags wot i can store trouble the kitty in!!! and — wot??? oh dada sez i cannot store trouble the kitty in a plastic bag ok shoor dada wotever!!!

ooh look their is a nose under the hat!!! and a flying toy!!! it is a boks ful of majikal mistereez!!!

oh luk the hat is attachd to a frendly cowboy hedjhog!!!! and the flying toy has canvas and a skweeker in the middul!!! and dada is so eksited he cannot hold the camra steddy!!! jeez dada relaks wood yoo its not as if this stuf is for yoo!!!

no tucker thats my cowboy hedjhog!!!!!! gimme gimme gimme!!!!

“I wish I knew how to quit you.”

and the boks also had sum toys for trouble the kitty sutch as this gluv frum wich toys dangel on elastic stringies hay thanks for thinking of trouble the kitty rocket and delilah yoo ar gud dogs and plus it is always sayfer to give her tribyoot rather than risk her rath trust me i no!!!

unfortchoonatly trouble duznt no kwite wot to mayk of the freddy krooger toy gluv but dada wil keep wurking on her until she figgers it owt!!!

“I sense a disturbance in the Force … it is very nearby … but what can it be?”

ennyway i stil dont no wot dada wuz so eksited abowt their wuz only wun thing in that boks wot wuz for him and it wuz just sum sort of bag filld with a dark rich brown powder:

i dont no wot this stuf is but dada mayd sum for his gests and they wer all saying how gud it taysted however no wun wood giv me enny they sed sumthing abowt vizslas not needing kaffeen wel i do not no wot kaffeen is but if it is sumthing i cant hav then of korse i wants it my preshus!!!!!

ennyway thank yoo so mutch rio rocket and delilah and yore mama and dada for sending me theez wunderful toyz and sending dada that bag of powder!!!!  ok bye

17 thoughts on “wunderful presents!!!

  1. Dennis, I think whoever’s danglin’ the Freddy glove in front of your kitty Delilah is jacked on java! Perhaps if he/she came down off the high and moved it more slowly, Delilah might be able to draw a bead on it!

    Your friends are very kind to send you such awesome presents! They’re good friends.


  2. Dennis, That is one excellent cowboy hedgehog. I have a honking hedgehog, but he doesn’t have a hat. I wish I had an excellent cowboy hedgehog like yours. He’s so big that he could double as a pillow when you aren’t loving him up.



  3. What a khool box of goodies!

    It looks like YOUR stuffie is a hit!

    Mom wants to know what time the next brewing is set fur…she’ll be over!



  4. Very good box of prezzies, Dennis!

    Your Dad got some coffee grounds, but he probably will like them very much. On the package it said the Flavor is “The Meaning of Life” and that has to be cool.



  5. I LOVE THAT HEDGEHOG! You may not know but my very best friend in the world is a Cowboy Pig stuffy. So so cool buddy. Also, is Trouble pretending to be homeless living in that cardboard box.


  6. I don’t know how it’s possible, but Dennis and Baily HAVE to be related (bloodlines be damned)…. the butt-waggle, the toy hording…

    And I think it’s great that you bonk Trouble in the head with toys. Kali and Buffy’s care ratio seems to be disproportionate to how cool we think the toy is; I tend to think that they’d want to, I dunno, BAT at things on their noggins, but…


  7. Lucky critters, Trouble looks like a turtle with her head sticking outta the box like that.
    BTW you were right about the Postal form number, see latest postal post (blatantly obvious blog post advertising)


  8. You’re very welcome for the fun stuff. We wanted to make sure and get something for Trouble so there would be no trouble in the house!!! {you know what I mean}. Hope you enjoyed the coffee not many people receive the Meaning of Life in a bag! {ha ha}. We enjoy being your blogger buddies! Have a great time with the toys.


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