sunday awards and meem show wot is only a meem show cuz no awards this week!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this weeks sunday awards and meem show is only a meem show on akkownt of i dont hav enny awards this week probly becuz of all the filler mateeryal wot dada has ben posting wile he has been entertayning his gests for shaym dada!!!! ennyway the meem wot i got tagd to do by my gud frends tony and s le is to post sum pikchers of my bedrum now of korse this is a verry daynjerus subjekt to tayk pikchers of on akkownt of thats ware mama can sumtimes be fownd before she has combd her hare in the mornings and so wun must be verry verry kayrful to avoyd enny pikchers wot mite inklood sutch imadjes however i think i hav manadjd it ok heer goze:

ok first heer we hav my offishul bedrum wot is my krate however this is just for show as i dont spend mutch time sleeping in their after all wot am i a dog or sumthing??? ha ha ok lets moov on to my real bedrum wich is also nown as mama and dadas rum

ok so this is a pikcher of the kownter in the master bath sink area wich is teknikly part of the bedrum becuz it is just in an alkove off to the side this is a pikcher of the kownter in its rayr unklutterd stayt i cud post a pikcher of wot it yoozhually luks like but mama wood probly not be verry happy if i did that and then she wud tayk it owt on dada even tho he wood hav had nuthing to do with posting it ok lets moov on!!!!

this is an old pikcher of tucker lowndjing arownd the bedrum naked hay tucker jeez put yore koller on nobody wants to see yoo in the alltogether!!! ennyway yoo can tel that this is an old pikcher becuz tucker just has a littel wite on his chinny chin chin and also he is stil waring those silly dayglo contakt lenses wot wer popyoolar amungst dogs in the erly to mid 2000s

now this is a pikcher of wot yoozd to be calld pillow alley wot dada set up becuz of my old habit of falling owt of bed in the middel of the nite they wer afrayd i wood krack my skull or sumthing fortchoonatly that never happend and then dada rektified the falling owt of bed sitchooayshun in the most sensibul manner possibul he bawt a bigger bed!!! however the saga of the bed disusemblee and reassemblee has been ekstensivly coverd here and here and here and here so i probly dont need to go thru it agin becuz that wood be wot is cald a rerun and reruns ar only playd in the summer at leest that wot dada sez altho my ekspeeryense has ben that reruns play evry time yoo turn on the teevee ha ha ok so now i hav to tag three peepul to shayr pikchers of there own bedrums so heer goze:

  • first of korse my gud frend lavenderbay hoo has moovd all or part of the way akross the mithical land of cananda to a noo playse and has ben posting pikchers of it ennyway so i am shoor she wood git to the bedrum eventchooally even if i didnt tag her ha ha
  • and my gud frend pink daisy the luvly white pit bull
  • and last my gud frend goodbear hoo always seems to be in intresting surowndings

ok i gess that is it for now toon in nekst week saym vizsla time saym vizsla channel ha ha ok bye

16 thoughts on “sunday awards and meem show wot is only a meem show cuz no awards this week!!!

  1. Hi, Dennis!
    Great post! That pillow alley sure is nice. It is not fun to fall from the bed to the bare floor!
    I have a lot of dresses. but I use them only for my walkies. At home I only wear my collar. without it I feel naked too!
    Kisses and hugs


  2. Hi Dennis
    We didnt like the look of that crate but thought your pillow alley was cool! My mum worries that I will fall out of bed too but it is ok cos I will land on Bailey so wont hurt myself xxxx


  3. Pillow ALLEY?!!? That is wun jiant pillow bed fer dawgs!! I have to go show this pitcher to my Mummy rite aways. I am shore we have enuff pillows to make this happen. I like this meme a lots cause I am seeing how other dawgs sleep and it is helping me with my Campain fer a Better Bed!

    Yer pal Dozer


  4. Pillow ally looks quite comfy to me. Pee-wee is always falling off his couch… thunk! That sound is music to my ears.



  5. Those silly contact lenses that Tucker was wearing sure are funny. 😉 I can’t believe you fell off the bed!!! What a great pillow alley to soften your landing just in case it should happen again.



  6. We have pillow, quilt and dogbed ally–our whole house is a big doggie bed. Glad you will be able to stay on the bed though–that’s the best place to be.

    love & wags,


  7. Hi Dennis, Great bedroom photos, you did a great Meme.Pillow alley looks like a fun place for romping. Tucker actually looks very handsome & majestic in that photo.
    I used to find your posts quite difficult to read on account of your doggy spelling, but I just realised how easily I breeze through them now. I musta got used to it….


  8. Hi, Dennis! Thanks for motivating me to present our new bedroom; I was thinking nobody would want to see it and was going to omit it, but now I’m duty bound! Speaking of which, though… nine pm… yawn… will return tomorrow to continue reading the back issues of your diary. Heading for Pillow Alley now. Nitey-nite!


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