vote for pedro!!! i meen dennis!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot???  i hav lernd that my post the battel of the jack in wich i let tucker think that he got to win and get the jack toy has ben nominayted by my gud frend mango for post of the month at dogs with blogs!!!  thanks so mutch for this nominayshun mango i am onnerrd!!!  if yoo wood like to go vote for it to win yoo can click here or if yoo want to vote for wun of the other wuns yoo can click there too but why wood you want to do that?!?!?   ha ha thanks ok bye

oh by the way yoo hav to be a member of the bone zone to vote and yoo can only become a member of the bone zone by asking sumwun hoo is alreddy in the bone zone and i am not yet in the bone zone so ummmmmm wel i gess i cant vote for myself or help ennywun else vote for me so i am probly going to looze but that is okay it is an onner just to be nominayted rite???  rite ok bye agin

oh also by the way the nominayshun sez its for tucker but i havent told him abowt it wich meens its my nominayshun rite????  ha ha rite ok bye wun more time

5 thoughts on “vote for pedro!!! i meen dennis!!!

  1. Hey Dennis! Well done on your nomination!!

    We has given you an award, so please check out our bloggie to gets it! xxxx


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