lego my eggoland

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so mama and dada and there gests went to the amayzing lego my eggoland wot is an amyoozment park run by the faymus waffle and plastic block mayking company and they got to see all kinds of incredibul things and meenwile i wuz at home lokd in the howse so i cudnt bark at the peepul on the hill wot wer cutting down all my weedz it is so unfare!!!! lego my eggoland perports to be a family playse and yet wuz not allowd to go their with my family so is it reely reely a family playse or is it just pretend??? lets tayk a peek at dadas camra and find owt shall we ok heer goze:

lego my eggoland is a strayndj and misteeryus wurld ware evrything is mayd owt of lego my eggos for instanse heer is a model of the mithical land of washington dc wot is ware all owr taks munny is converted into things like public servis annownsments and ekspense akkownts for congreshunal staffers:

hmm ok so that is pretty family frendly and wot is this i see going on at the capitol bilding???

why it appeers to be sum sort of historic event wot is beeing attended by hundreds if not thowsands of teensy lego my eggo peepul wot cud this event be?!?!

oh luk it is the inawgyoorayshun of owr nayshuns first ever lego my eggo president!!! ok that is verry family frendly too so perhaps lego my eggolands claym of family frendliness is troo let us luk further!!!

hmm heer now we see the skwalid side of the inawgyoorayshun yes i am tawking abowt inadekwat portapotty fasiliteez to servis all the lego my eggo peepul wot attended the event and not only that but the poor selebritties in there limozeens ar forsd to wayt in the saym portapotty line as the unwashd masses!!! oh for shaym!!! but not surprising reely ok that is not such a bad thing so lets moov on shall we???

heer we see a churro vender hoo is also selling cotton candy:

hay churro vender how abowt yoo stik the churro in the cotton candy and mayk a churro cotton candy stik??? oh no of korse not that wood cut into yore profits woodnt it??? maybe i shood open dennises combinayshun churro and cotton candy shop i wood mayk a fortchoon hmmmmm ok nobody steel that ideea its mine mine i tell yoo!!!!

now nekst we hav this model of a woman who is evidently being forsibly forclosd and evikted or posibly robbd at gunpoynt by theevs disgized as mooving men:

hmm that is not verry family frendly at all lego my eggoland!!! i am starting to think that yore rep is all a shamwow!!! ok mooving on into the bayoo we see a plantayshun howse and aiiiieeee jiant bird!!!! run away run away run away!!!!

whew that wuz a close wun and now hmmm wot is going on on the beech over their???

egad those too tiny men hav killd that wun big man and are now robbing him!!! it is just like in the faymus travelog gullivers travelog!!! that is so not cool lego my eggoland!!! and whats this at the nekst beech over?!?!

its bikini clad wimmen wayving at my dada!!! ummmm hay dada yoo may want to not let mama see this post or she might git sum funny ideeas in her hed ok lets just moov on frum that shall we and now heer we ar arriving in the mithical land of noo york sitty!!!

ah yes this model of noo york sitty is amayzingly detayld rite down to stuf such as this dumpster in an alleeway:

hay tucker!!! git owt of the dumpster!!! oh hay luk owt heer comes the garbadj truck!!!! tucker!!!

hmmm wel i am not shoor ware that truck is going to tayk tucker but warever it is i am shoor their wil be lots of yummy garbadj for him to eet ha ha ok heer is a lego my eggo bilbord wot sez cha cha and shows too peepul dansing:

now i kid yoo not i hav it on gud awthority that mama and dada literally spent five minnits discussing and analyzing this bilbord and coming to the conkloozhun that theez peepul ar probly not doing cha cha but ar in fakt doing tango and not only that but there danse hold is totaly bakwards that is assooming the person on the rite is the lady wich is not always sayf to assoom wen noo york sitty is involvd and ennyway all i can say is jeez mama and dada dont yoo hav ennything better to wurry abowt?!?! like maybe buying me treets and toyz??!? jeeperz!!!!

ok now heer is a lego my eggo man wot has evidently fallin asleep on a park bentch and foolishly left his piknik cooler unattended:

wel it luks like tucker eskaypd frum that garbadj truk all rite and gud luk getting enny food owt of that cooler poor lego my eggo dachshund i think tucker got their first!!!!

now heer we see a statchoo of a crayzd italian chef:

oh that is so so so so rong lego my eggoland!!! as evrywun nos bears arnt gud for mayking sawsadj owt of they ar better for mayking meetloaf!!! ennyway my mama and dada ar both italian and i hav never seen them mayking bare sawsadj nor duz dada ware a tshirt like that nor duz he hav a silly mustash nor an ankor tattoo nor duz he ware a red nekercheef so i am pretty shoor this is just a silly stereotype for shaym legoland!!!

now heer we see that lego my eggoland is glorifying pirates by showing them enjoying a harty meel of — hay tucker!!!!  git off the tabel!!!  yoo dont no ware that chikken leg has ben!!!

fortchoonatly the pirate neerest tucker is obviusly passd owt drunk and so is unabel to retalyayt for tuckers theft of his chikken leg yoo got lucky this time tucker!!!  wel ennyway as yoo can see lego my eggoland may or may not be family frendly it all depends on whether yoo ar paying attenshun to wot is reely going on in theez socalld models becuz as they say the devil is in the detayls ha ha ok bye

28 thoughts on “lego my eggoland

  1. Dear Dennis,

    I didn’t see any cats in this leggomyegoland-what’s with that, eh? Please tell Tucker that his nether regions are not very photogenic. I’m just sayin’.

    Dennis says: hello angus hmmm ok i wil tel him but i dont think he wil beleev me ha ha ok bye


  2. Your right Dennis, that place not seem very family friendly at all. I seed only one dog, other than Tucker. There sure beed a lot of garbage though. Hey why was Dennis allowed and not you? heehee
    ~lickies, Ludo


  3. WOW what an incredible place, even if Tucker did get eaten by a garbage truck. A lot of work must’ve went into all this, it’s amazing what 5 year olds can do with their Lego these days.


  4. My big brother haz lots of those little colored blocks! He always gets mad when I run off with one that he calls “Darth Vader.”

    I’m adding you to my new blog roll – Daisy sent me.


  5. Dear Dennis,

    Can you eat the lego people? Because that would be nice. Not that *I* would, but my not-sister, Celeste, might want to. *ahem* Anyways.

    -Miss Mina


  6. Well I will make sure my Aunt never takes her human kids to this land of foolishness and debauchery. I can’t believe they can put such things on display. Do you think if Tucker stays there too long they will make him into lego my eggos?


  7. Food? Free? From garbage? I gots to tell mom and dad about dat.


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!

    Peeeeeeeeeeee S: Do dey deliver?


  8. Dennis, I don’t think mama will be too jealous of those wimmen waving at dada. 😛
    Hilarious as usual.
    Miss you. 😦


  9. Well I wuz rather disapointed in the startling lack of lego treets and lego balls and lego skweaky toys. I mean that poor lego dawg had to steel frum a cooler! Hmm that park wuz not alive dawg frendly or lego dawg frendly.

    Yer pal Dozer


  10. Hi Dennis
    We loved your legoland pictures. When our human brothers were small they were lego daft and our mum has visited the legoland in England – the one you visited looked even better than that!!


  11. Hi Dennis
    We loved your legoland pictures. When our human brothers were small they were lego daft and our mum has visited the legoland in England – the one you visited looked even better than that!!


  12. BOL!!! What a great trip….my Mom has always wanted to go there. 🙂 Thanks for making us laugh as usual Dennis…you are so pawesome. 🙂



  13. Dennis, I had no idea such a place existed. If you had not posted all this information, we would still be totally ignorant. Thank you for enlightening us.


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