21 thoughts on “But You Are Mimmier. You Are Supposed To Spoil Us.

  1. Oh my! There’s something wrong with grandma! She’s been pixelated!

    At least there’s no droll hanging from their chins ….. the dogs’ … not grandma’s.


  2. Oh well. Blueberry pie is not so good anyways. Cept the wipped creem!!! Mebbe if you menshun how menny calorees wipped creem adds then gramma will gives it to you insted?

    Yer pal Dozer


  3. Hey Trixie, it don’t look like she’s gunna share in a hurry, better do some real cute begging pose with the I’m starving eyes look


  4. Hey Trixie, I bets you coulds just lean over and with one swipe you coulds clear that bowl!! BOL 😉 That’s what we does anyways!!! xx


  5. My Mum calls my dogs ‘dear’ – it’s so funny! ‘Do you want a biscuit, dear?’ Suddenly they understand full sentences and it never needs repeating!


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