sumware beyond the see …

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel keeping up there theem of lets go playses withowt the dogs my mama and dada and there gests went across the see to the mithical sitty of avalon on the mithical iland of catalina iland

now i am ashoord by mama and dada that this is becuz the mithical land of avalon duznt allow dogs so i gess this is not there fawlt ennyway yoo may remember that avalon is the resting playse of the faymus governor of california naymd arthur pendragon now ledjends persist that wun day wen californias need is grayt governor arthur wil return from beyond the see with his merry men of the rownd taybel wot rob frum the rich and giv to the poor and wunse agin rool california with shivalry and justiss for all however we can tel theez ledjends ar rubbish becuz if governor arthur wer going to come bak he definitly wood hav dun it by now i meen come on arthur wot is the hold up alreddy?!?!?! ok mooving on this is the naym of the bote on wich mama and dada sayld beyond the see:

land ho!!!!

the sees wer ruff do to windstorms but they mayd it sayfly beyond the see to the iland of catalina:

and heer we can see — hayyyyyyy that is a dog watching that man tie up his boat!!!

hmmmm wel i gess that teknikly this dog is not akchooally on catalina iland so okay we can giv them a pass on that wun ok mooving on heer is a pikcher dada tuk of the avalon harbor this is calld a panorama wich is a type of sandwich i think:

mmmm panorama sandwich ennyway their ar lots of intresting bildings in avalon most of wich ar bilt strayt up the sides of the cliffs:

this fairytale paliss is probably ware governor arthur livd wen he wood come to avalon to visit the lady of the layk and get his sword ekscaliber sharpend and no all yoo creepy peepul that is not a dubbel ontond!!!

and this other bilding calld the casino is no dowt ware governor arthur wood set up the rownd tabel wen he wuz in town:

avalon has verry liberal laws abowt drinking as yoo can see by this picture of a stuffie enjoying a rum and coke jeez stuffie its not even wun oclock yet!!!

and nekst we see a — heyyyyy that is a dog agin!!! and it is on dry land!!! and it is eeting off a playt owtside a restawrant!!! mama and dada must hav ben fibbing abowt the hole no dogs on catalina iland thing!!! oh for shaym mama and dada for shaym!!!!

its okay i wil be all rite and teknikly mama and dada didnt akchooally tel me that no dogs wer alowd on catalina iland i just mayd that part up altho they did tel me that if yoo bring a dog on the catalina ekspress then the dog has to ware a muzzel wich wood mayk me freek owt a bit becuz my nose likes to be free and then i wood cauze a disrupshon on the bote and then i wood end up in the brig so its as gud as saying no dennises ar allowd on catalina iland ha ha ok ennyway mama and dada rented a golf cart and drove it high into the mowntins abuv the harber unfortchoonatly their wer fyoo playses to stop the cart sayfly but they wer abel to tayk sum snapshots frum the mowntin:

hmmm yes luk at all that wunderful territory for a dog to play in cough cough cough later on dada sed that the golf cart sownds an awful lot like his car hay dada maybe it is time for a noo car then or perhaps just trade it in for a golf cart!!!  ok now heer we see another eksampul of avalons liberal drinking laws:

in fakt yoo can see that this water fowntins is for drinking only:

yes the stuffie wuz layter led away in chayns for striking a pose ware the sine sed for drinking only but layter they bayld him owt and i think he wil be leeving the stayt soon to avoyd further prosekyooshun

avalon is verry kleen becuz they hav menny trash reseptakuls:

ummmmmm ok i gess tucker is just doing his part to keep avalon kleen ummmm yeah well done tucker ok now heer we see sum frogmen gitting reddy for a dive below the see:

perhaps they ar planning to swim owt to meet theez incoming pirates and divert them elseware:

gud luk frogmen!!! wel all gud things come to an end and so mama and dada and there gests and the stuffie had to git bak on the boat and come bak frum beyond the see to the maynland:

they never did find the resting playse of governor arthur and his band of merry men wot robbd frum the rich and gayv to the poor maybe nekst time!!! ok bye

20 thoughts on “sumware beyond the see …

  1. Well Dennis….At least we all got to enjoy the pics!
    I love Catalina Island.
    Might take a trip soon!
    Thanks for sharing your story with us!


  2. Wonderful, creative story as usual Dennis. Tell your dada thanks for the pics as they might be the only way I ever see Catalina Island. 😀


  3. Wait… TUCKER got to go? And eat all the panorama sandwiches? That same, evil stuffie keeps showing up, too. Maybe you ought to track him down and tear his fluffy little head off offer him some kind of sleuthing employment to keep him occupied and out of your way?


  4. Max Tango, Canine Private Eye really loved your story, Dennis. 🙂

    Here’s a picture of Max hiding in a basket from the Evil Vacuum Cleaner:
    Max in a basket

    Jim says: Very cute!


  5. Say I bet Catalina dressing wuld be tastee on a panorama sanwich!!

    All that asides I wunder wut else you wuld do at a water founten other then drink the water? Then agin I am not shore I want to know the anser to that.

    Yer pal Dozer


  6. Hi Dennis! Wow, you’re parents went to an enchanted island looking for people? How cool was that. I’m sorry you couldn’t go. Next time practice your luggage infiltration skills.



  7. Dennis I thinks any place that does not allow woofies is not a good place, and you are better off for not going! :))
    *whisper* it is heaps puurety though 😛


  8. Wow, I thought Vegas was liberal about drinking! sheesh. There seems to be lots of um stories about this Arthur guy. Stories I have heard before but they were a little different…


  9. I heard that story about the great arthur. I heard that he sleeps with his band of merry men underneath the round table (probably because of the island’s liberal drinking laws) and waits for the GV (which stand for the Great Viszla) to awaken him with a stuffie and lead them out to set Cally-forneeya to freedom.

    At least, that’s what I heard.


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