bath with kolateral damadj

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot???  trixie got a bath!!!!  now i hav herd that hyoomans think baths ar relaksing or sumthing but let me tel yoo that is far frum the trooth not only ar baths sheer tortcher to endoor but they also result in innosent dogs wot ar not dirty gitting wet too chek it owt!!!

woo did yoo see wot she did to me?! i wuz just coming over to ekspress my simpathee for her predikamint and luk wot happend!!! ok lets go to the instant replay shall we?

poor trixie i am sorry yoo had to hav a bath
hay wot ar yoo dooing???
aaaiiieeeee no dont shayk!!! yoo ar suppozd to do that to peepul not to me!!!
its like she has transformd into sum sort of fluffy water flinging beest!!!
ack urk splutter
run away run away run away
i wil turn broadsides so as to protekt my delikat fayse!!!
she has gawn mad mad i tel yoo!!!
whew i am finaly owt of rayndj i hav lernd my lessen i can tel yoo never approach a wet fluffy dog!!!
sorry i forgot wot we were tawking abowt ennyway poor trixie i am sorry yoo had to hav a bath

after her bath trixie got washd with a speshul calendjoolah tee wot mama mayd espeshly for her it is not tee for drinking it is tee for washing yore dog with!!!  hoo noo sutch things eksisted???  ennyway she got lots of attenshun so i gess sumtimes it is gud to be the dirty fluffy dog ha ha ok bye

22 thoughts on “bath with kolateral damadj

  1. I’m chukhkling!

    I mean, woo didn’t even learn!

    That’s a boy fur woo!

    SOOOO, if WE would happen to meet and I just happened to be wet, how khlose would woo khome to my flooooofy tail?



  2. Hey Dennis that is not a bathies that is fun in the hose time!!! I luvs fun in the hose time!!! It is FUN!! Did I menshun how much fun it is?!?!

    Well Mummy is saying that teknikally fun in the hose time is jest like bathies time ekcept one is insides and one is outsides. But I do not beleeve her. Bathies is not fun.

    Yer pal Dozer

    PS Even tho Mummy sed the B word she has not followed thru. So far I am still purple. I mean that misterius dawg in the pitchers is purple.


    1. I’z gotz too getz my eyes cheked, cause therz sum brown feets in the misterius pitcher wif the white dawg that looks susphisusly like Star’s feets.


  3. Ha! So long as the weather is warm, the hose is fun, yes? No? Oh…

    I don’t know why the ginger kitty in the video wasn’t happy but the little tuxie sure was tolerant! 🙂 xxx


  4. Oh terrible water flinging monsters….good thing you have quick reflexes Dennis and got out of there quickly! I liked seeing you in the background during bath time and your little feetsies would move forward then back very quickly. 🙂 I am guessing bath time is not your favorite either…I ALWAYS run and hide when I hear the bath water. 😉



  5. I knew she was a water fluffalo. I do feel for her, though, she looks so sorry all wet and everything.


    P.S. Momma says spanking the monkey is a movie that I am not mature enough to watch, but she liked it. Hee hee.


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