cat in the howse!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay sumthing weerd happend trouble the kitty has spent a lot of time in the howse with us dogs!!! now this is weerd becuz normaly she likes to sit like a kween on the kownter in the garadj in her heeted cat cup or in her boks ware us dogs cant harass her ummmm i meen cant giv her kisses and share owr treets with her:

now tho she is bak in the bathroom like wen she wuz sick last yeer:

however she duz not appeer to be sick this time so i am not shoor wot is going on eksaktly however i did heer dada say sumthing abowt bees in the garadj so i am pretty shoor that wot happend is that trouble was prepayring sum sort of noo skeem for wurld dominayshun wot involvd bees and the bees revolted aginst her.  But hoo cud hav led sutch  revolt???  i cannot think of ennybuddy with the mad revolooshun skils to leed the bees in sutch a fashun i wil hav to ponder this sum more ok bye

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23 thoughts on “cat in the howse!!!

  1. Dennis
    Twouble the kitty looks kind of scaiwed and innocent in that pictoowe wif all those beeses.
    I am vew scaiwed of bees..I hope they go away and stay on the flowews and stop plotting wowld dominaition.
    smoochie scawed kisses


  2. Oh dear….a hostile bee takeover….sounds scary! I must say that I am more scared of flies though. 🙂 Hope Kitty feels better soon.



  3. Big Pupi used to catch bees in his mouth when we lived in Texas. He would get stung and our folks would have to dose him with Benedryl. So I don’t think bees are a friendly sort. Don’t eat them! My crazy brother never seemed to learn his lesson!


  4. I keep seeing that little “Buzz Up” icon on various web pages and now I know the truth: It’s Trouble, digitally summoning her minions! Santa vacca….!!!!


  5. for years i have had a recurring nightmare of a cat with a beard of bees. that is pure evil. i feel like just seeing the image for real has cursed me forever.



  6. Hmmm this could be a sign that something is up… or it could be that the cat just wants to throw you off Dennis, coz cats like to do that to dogs all the time!


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