dennis to the reskyew!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i hav ben watching with dismay as the hyooman guvernmints struggel with this socalld swine floo it has bekum obvius that they ar unaybel to deel with it effektivly and so sensing a bizness opportoonity i hav borrowd all of dadas credit cards and thats rite i hav reaktivayted the dennises pig powders faktory to deel with this krisis!!!

as yoo can see i hav ben forsd to rayze the prise of my pig powders but that is just becuz of inflayshun and needing to rekoop the startup costs it has nuthing to do with eksployting the feerz of a panickd popyoolayshun!!! ok now i no wot yoo ar saying yoo ar saying hay dennis i thawte that yore pig powder wuz akchooally dehidrayted pig so that yoo can just add water and hav instant ham or bacon how is that going to stop the pig floo???  to wich i say yoo wil be heering frum my atturnees!!!!  ha ha no i am just kidding akchooally i hav reengineerd my pig powders faktory at grayt ekspense to dada and now it has even more mirakyoolus kyoorativ properteez just chek it owt!!! heer we see how not even the faymus bones mccoy wuz abel to kyoor this pig of his kayse of the swine floo:

but hav no feer dennis is heer!!!

as yoo can see the payshent mayd a ful rekuvry after a singel applikayshun of dennises pig powders:

now how duz dennises pig powders hav sutch mirakyoolus kyoorativ powers yoo say??? wel i cannot tel yoo all the detayls on akkownt of it is a trade sekret but i can show yoo a speshul kloseup of wot comes in eetch can:

yes thats rite eetch can is full of hundreds nay thowsands of tiny macgyver klones prodoosd by my seekret almost patented prosess and armd with pocketnives and ballpoynt pens and chooing gum and other mateeryals wot they yooze to mayk short wurk of enny viruses or bakteerya wot mite be infesting the payshent now i dont want to see this pikcher leekd to gizmodo or engadget this is top seekret stuf!!! but i no i can trust my nice reederz!!! so tel yore frends to stok up on dennises pig powders after all an owns of prevenshun is wurth a pownd of kyoor and a pownd of kyoor is wurth $49.99 ha ha ok bye

31 thoughts on “dennis to the reskyew!!!

  1. Dennis, I am not quite sure what pig powders is, but it seems that a can full of McGuyvers for $49.99 is a rockin’ deal! Do you think pig powders could help me catapult that cat Lola out of here. You know, she only speaks French and meows at me from the roof.


  2. Oh, Dennis … you and your dada have outdone yourselves on this one! Bravo, bravo!!! (La mia ragazza has collapsed onto the floor in a fit of hysterical laughter … GETUPGETUP!!!)


  3. Leave it to a creative, innovative, astoundingly handsome Pup to do what the nation’s top scientists couldn’t.

    I am proud of you Dennis, and can’t wait for you to send me my can of McGyvers! I’ll send a check right away.



  4. Finally a cure. Thank you Dennis. I have forwarded this information on to the CDC and Mexico City. I can now resume my travel plans to Mexico, once I get my pig powder of course.

    Dennis says: thank yoo guvernmint kontrakts ar always welkum at dennises pig powders!!! ok bye


  5. Can I still add water to get ham and bacon and have curative properties from the flu? If so I will take a case! And Roscoe wants some too!


  6. Sign us up for about 40 cases please. I am not real worried about the pig flu but I would love to have thousands of tiny macguyvers. I’d create my own neighborhood of make believe populated only by macguyvers.


  7. Dennis
    This is twooly a gwet bweakfwoo, and I would like a case too..I don’t think I thave the floo, but I think it could coowe mommi’s depweshun, plus I could use some weconstitooted powk too
    Thanks fow always coming thwoug fow us
    smoochie kisses


  8. Hai Dennis! Umm does pig powder come in different flavors? I’s not sure I’d like macguyver tastin stuffs.


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  9. At furst I wux sckeptikul, but synse dennises pig powders iz powered by thowsands of tiny macgyver klones, iz a beleever cause macgyver kin fix ennything.


  10. Please set some aside for me. I wonder if it works better when washed down with a bottle of Mango suds.


    Dennis says: duznt evrything??? ok bye


  11. Hi, Dennis!
    You have the solution!
    Can I give your name to our government people here???
    Kisses and hugs

    Dennis says: of korse!!! they hav credit cards rite??? ok bye


  12. Dennis I am purty shore you cannot get a MacGuyver overdose but I am not too shore how much I need to buy frum you so wut is the proper dose of pig powder per day? OK thanks.

    Yer pal Dozer

    Dennis says: hello dozer hay gud kwestchun i rekomend nine or ten cans a day per ten pownds of body wayt ok bye


    1. OK grate now if I only knowed how to multiply!

      Tell you wut jest send me however much you manaje to charje on my Mummys credit card okay? I reckon when it stops letting you charje then that should be enuff. Also if you could make the charje say DOKTOROFFISE or sumthang on the credit card statement then when Mummy gets her statement she will not wonder bout it so much. OK thanks fer yer help!!! I am looking forwards to getting my MacGuyver pig powder. We does not have enny pigs here yet but konsidering Mummys track rekord I am shore it is only a matter of times.


  13. Brilliant medical technology, I guess the tiny McGyver clones work a bit like the tiny antibiotic men. You stand to make a fortune outta this, but then again it would be nice to make it freely available for the good of all mankind

    Dennis says: hello tony yes that wood be nice but then how wood i be abel to afford to buy a joowel enkrusted pony??? ok bye


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