under the power linez … owt of the sun … becuz its clowdy …

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this weekend we went for a wawk underneeth the power linez neer owr howse theez ar sum of the lines wot deliver elektrisity to the mithical land of sandy eggo to among other things power shamu the wales deth ray and wotnot

sunny california ha ha not!!!

their is a pretty long trayl heer wot goze between the top of the hil and the bottom of the hil

those ar the hills across the valley wot wer on fire last yeer!!!

hay i can see my howse frum up heer!!! wel almost!!!

this is ware the sidewawk ends

evidently other peepul wawk there dogs heer too and ar not as sirk … sirkum … ar not as gud abowt kleening up after them as mama is abowt kleening up after us now in this viddyo yoo wil notiss that dada had to rezort to fut akshun to git tucker to leev it but yoo wil also notiss tho that i wuz a gud boy and left it!!!  so hoo is the reel nawty pup i ask yoo????  obviusly not me!!!

maybe this wuz left by a visiting coyote let me see wot my sister trixie thinks

dada!!! yoo ar interfeering with sientifik reesertch heer!!! dada is sutch a luddite ennyway we got in sum gud running arownd on the sandy grownd hay that rimes i must be a poet and dont no it!!!

i am pretty shoor these towers ar akchooally kwiessent alien robots or sumthing

the sad thing is that this isnt reely a park and yet it is a better playse for us to run becuz it is not litterd with broken glass like menny of the parks arownd heer yoozually their is no trash in this areea at al altho today their wuz wun broken bottel wot mama is going to come bak and pik up dada sez peepul ar messy like pigs and wood rather smash a bottel then kerry it to a trash can and this is why evrywun needs to buy my pig powders to protekt them frum the swine floo!!!

mama tried to git us to play the rekall game wile we were wawking but ummmmm mama we no that yoo hav all the treets so why wood we want to go see dada??? the only wun hoo wil go see dada for free is trixie and that is becuz she is sutch a dadas girl no offense trixie

ha ha did yoo see how i nokd dada rite over???  dont kwit yore day job to tayk up futbol dada!!!

cowabunga dada!!!!!

now yoo may hav herd that elektromagnetik radyashun is bad for yoo but this theery has ben totaly disproovd by the amayzing dr manhattan in the faymus dokyoomentry watchmen so we wer not at all afrayd but neither did we develop enny sooper powers so that wuz sumwot disappoynting

time to go home alreddy???

and now bak home we go so ennyway that wuz how i spent my sunday wel that and also sitting in the krate wile mama and dada went shopping and then owt to dinner i do not no why they made me sit in the krate it is not like i am a nawty pup or ennything!!! so unfare!!! ok bye

17 thoughts on “under the power linez … owt of the sun … becuz its clowdy …

  1. Ahhh Dennis, bummer the lines didn’t give you superpowers! 😦 Looks like lots of fun sniffing and running though. 🙂 I know what ya mean….my Mom always carries the treats too but I will usually go to my Dad as well because I love him too but not as much as Mom and her treats. 😉



  2. It looks to me, Dennis, like the whole family had a good time out under the lines. I personally think you can get sooper powers but they may not come for a year or so, they gotta grow in you. So don’t give up!



  3. hahah wow Dennis you go oh so many adventures! I am very glad that you did not come away with any super powers from all those lines.. I hope you don’t get dragged there that often :p hehe
    Momma thinks Miss Trixie is just the sweetest little girl, only a cause she is so eager to please her momma and dadda… mommas are suckers for things like that I guess.. hehe


  4. Hey Dennis if you had super powers you could have escaped from your crate and flown over to the resturant where your momma and dadda was having dinner and joined them! Just like superman, or underdog or wolverine!


  5. That looks like a great place for a walk Dennis. Your Dad needs to center himself a little better if you are going to tackle him like that. Tanner has to stay in his crate too, its for your own safety, really.


  6. Hai Dennis! That sure looks like yoo had a good walk dat day. I loves to go for walks all da time now myself. I even gets to chase a ball. Wanna come playplayPLAY wif me?


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!!


  7. Good job on knocking Dada over Dennis, we always be knocking the pawrents over, they shouldn’t get in the way should dey? Durr.
    Trixie is a dada’s girl isn’t she, going backs for no treats, that just be silly!!
    Hope them super powers develop real soon, I thinks they will, just like Stella says.
    Scotty xx


  8. I’m with you. Why waste energy on that whole recall thing when there are no foodables involved. And what’s up with all that “leave it” crap. How are you supposed to check out the life history of those who came before? Momma is always examining my poop with a magnifing glass.



  9. Dennis I am in desprite need of yer pig powder. Altho I did not unnerstand yer overwhelmingly superiur logik on the subjekt I lerned that pigs leeve glass everywheres and since there is glass everywheres on my walks that meens there must be a lot of pigs in my nayborhood!! And swine floo!! Aiee!!

    Yer pal Dozer


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