(dont) panick

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wood like to speek to yoo this morning in my kapasity as a sivik minded ceo of a company wot is verry consernd with the publik helth i am referring of korse to dennises pig powders now i hav ben moniterring the swine floo sitchooayshun just like evrywun else as the level of panik and misinformayshun abowt this dizeez abayts and i am shoor that my reakshun is the saym as that of evry other observer wen i say why arnt yoo peepul panicking more?!?!

oh shoor it seems like maybe evrything is under control and the swine floo is not spredding so mutch ennymore but that is just wot the swine floo wants yoo to think!!!  it is all part of its sinister plan for wurld dominayshun!!!  how do i no this yoo ask???  wel chek owt this wurld ekskloosiv foto wot i hav obtaynd of the swine floo consulting a notoryus soopervillin:

oh no!!!! h1n1 has joynd forses with trouble the kitty to tayk over the wurld!!! can ennywun sayv us now?!?!?!? wel i am glad yoo askd that kwestchun becuz lets luk and see wot happens nekst!!!

whew it shoor is a gud thing that there wuz sum dennises pig powders arownd wile this summit of eevil was going on owt in the garadj!!! so just remember evrywun their is no need to panick abowt the swine floo unless of korse yoo hav not yet orderd yore kayse of dennises pig powders*** ok bye

*** doo to unforseen manyoofaktchooring diffikulteez we ar currently unaybel to fulfil enny orders for dennises pig powders however we wil be happy to add yoo to owr wayting list and ship yoo yore pig powders as soon as sum bekumz avaylabul ok bye

24 thoughts on “(dont) panick

  1. Wow they must be flying off the shelves if you are out already. We always heard things would happen when pigs flew? what about tiny macguyvers in a can called pig powder flying?

    I don’t know, something happens to my brain after reading one of your posts. ok bye.


  2. Wate a minnit… why didnt Trouble come down with the swine floo if she is hanging out with it? Wut is her sekret if not pig powder? Dennis if you are missing sum pig powder I thinks we now knows the kulprit.

    Yer pal Dozer

    PS I would jest like to stress the urjency of my last comment. I needs the pig powder asap.


  3. Oh yeah Dennis! I need a whole case of those pig powders. You never know when that swine flu is going to strike in MOntreal. I’m also a bit worried about that Kitty named Trouble. She’s not coming to MOntreal too is she? My dog walker told mom that yesterday, a cat tried to attack me on my walk. I downplayed the whole thing, but let me tell you privately that a MacGuyver dude with gum on a pencil might have come in real handy right about then.



  4. Very good detecting work, Dennis. Hmmmm, maybe I can tell my mom that bird was part of the conspiracy, too, and I was just trying to get information on the plot?



  5. Oohhh, Dennis you’re our hero!! We would like to order a gadzillion case of your fabulous pig powders please – whenever it becomes available that is. 🙂

    Licks and wags

    The DOg Woods Pack


  6. Oh, good heavens. Naturally I did mean to type “epidemiology,” but my own cognitive skills recently have been compromised by proximal and porcine bandits superbes, as well.


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