i wawk i tawk i krawl on my belly like a reptile!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel tucker and trixie and i had anuther stuffie battel today and i deesided to tayk a diffrent approatch this time and try to overwelm them with kyootness check it owt:

unfortchoonatly that didnt reely wurk  enny better then running arownd like a crazyman did so if ennywun has sugjestchuns for a better stratedjy i am all eerz and also all wagging tails ha ha ok bye

24 Comments on “i wawk i tawk i krawl on my belly like a reptile!!!

  1. Trixie has excellent calm and composure in the face of cuteness. She may be unbreakable. Tucker just seems to be like most big brothers, selfish and ruthless. Oh, sorry, that would be MY big brother. No idea how to out wit them. Better ask Trouble. She is the Queen of Mean!


  2. Dennis you look perplexed that Trixie didn’t surrender the stuffie. I would suggest bartering for the stuffies with some good treats.


  3. Dennis, it looks like you’re the only one in your family who speaks Dog correctly. I think you should hire a tutor for the rest of them.


  4. you and pickles have similar play styles. when buzzy and i come to cali…we may have to bring pickles and stop by for a visit.


  5. That Trixie is one tough cookie. I would never be able to resist your nose-to-nose cuteness, Dennis!


  6. I guess your cuteness was a bit too subtle. Maybe next time you should wear a mask so they don’t know it’s you.



  7. I just don’t know what the solution is. Stuffies are relegated to the pantry in my house because Tanner cannot be trusted and he eats them. Keep trying is my only advice.


  8. Dennis
    Aftew you did that adowable play bow and gave a kissie..I would have given you all my stuffies. I don’t know why this method wouldn’t wowk
    Twixie and Tuckew seem to be immoone to cuteness
    keep twying
    smoochie kisses


  9. Dennis I am sorry but I cannot give you enny advise bout this. My strategee is jest like Trixies. The only way I give up my toy is to Mummy. Hmm maybe you can dress up like yer mama and maybe Trixie would give you the toy then!

    Yer pal Dozer


  10. Good Job Dennis. I don’t have any siblings so I’m not sure how you can win. I usually just lay my head on Mommy or Daddy if I want to play and it works 🙂 Hey, how did you do the video in WordPress like that? Do you pay for a wordpress subscription??


    • hello miss kylie hay yes dada bawt me a wordpress subskripshun and also pays for ekstra storadj spayse so that my nice reederz hav the best possibul ekspeeryense with my viddyos and pikchers!!! ok bye


  11. I think your Mom should buy more toys. So many toys that no one can claim victory.

    Go on. Ask her.


  12. I am shocked that that didn’t work Dennis!! I would have given you the stuffie. Luv Scott x


  13. ahaha Dennis I do not know why it did not work.. it worked on my momma!~ 🙂


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