boiler rum!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so it terns owt that beeing lokd in the boiler rum by the mini macgyvers wile i wuz trying to set traps for them is maybe not sutch a bad thing becuz it seems that unbenownst to me i had leesd owt spayse in the boiler rum to an entire brokeradj firm!!! and the lunch i ayt over the weekend belongd to wun of there top traders!!! rather than beeing angry the trader has offerd to help me tayk dennises pig powders to the nekst level by mayking it a publikly trayded company i dont reely understand all the detayls but it seems that this is the fabeld missing step between step wun wich is having an ideea and step three wich is profit!!!

my noo frend the faymus boiler rum baysd trader chris varick hoo is not to be confyoozd with the faymus dokyoomentry mayker vin diesel

my noo trayder frend ashoors me that this wil be compleetly risk free and is totaly on the up and up so of korse i hav agreed to wurk with him becuz after all it tayks munny to mayk munny!!! i bet that i wil mayk enuf munny to pay off the mini macgyvers and git them to go bother sumwun and to restart my majik flying coaster bizness and maybe even to reebild the doghowse of justiss the sky is the limit!!!!  at leest that is wot my noo frend tels me!!!  ok bye

16 thoughts on “boiler rum!!!

  1. Dennis, I have been told never to do bizness with a guy who calls himself a broker and rents out a boiler room for his office. Never, never, never. Let this guy go, and see what you can do on your own smart self!



  2. Don’t forget to consider all of the highly lucrative work from home possibilities Dennis! I think if you have a computer and internet connection you can make 20k a month from home…no powder required.


  3. Thank your lucky starts for the random ham sammich! hey I would love to see the doghouse of Justiss rebuilt! Could you possiby add a new indoor king ball room for kong ball play? We subscribed to your tweets! We are not sure we have not got any yet, but were wondering if you had to eat a bird in order to tweet?


  4. Dennis, jest be shure that if the SEC axes yoo enny kwestshuns abowt yer publik offerin that yoo tells dem the truf. Udderwise, dey mite trow yoo in the pownd.


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