shut down!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel this hole boiler rum brokeradj thing isnt wurking owt like i had hoped for wun thing nobody seems to be intrested in investing no matter wot sort of indoosements we offer them:

not only that but my socalld frend chris the broker is a reel slayv driver he stands their and mayks shoor we ar wurking the fones all the time we only git like wun bathrum brake a day and we never git to leeve the boiler rum to go owtside and play fetch or ennything!!! i am starting to think that this brokeradj mite not be on the up and up!!! oh hang on sumwun is nocking at the boiler rum door maybe it is sumwun bringing us lunch!!!

wel it is not lunch it is in fact the police and that kernel frum mash!!! they say they are going to tayk me on a perp wawk oh boy i havent gotten to go on a wawk sinse those mini macgyvers lokd me in the boiler rum on sunday!!!

ahhh it is gud to be owtside agin so it terns owt that the boiler rum brokeradj wuz akchooally beeing run by the mini macgyvers and they wer going to keep all the munny and not invest it in my pig powders bizness at all can yoo imadjin sutch greed?!?!? fortchoonatly the nice man frum mash sed that if i testify aginst the mini macgyvers they wil not press chardjes aginst me altho they ar impownding my faktry and all my inventory as evidense so i gess i am owt of bizness agin but only for now i wil think of a noo ventcher yoo wil see!!!

the nice man frum mash sed they got an anonamus tip abowt wot wuz going on at the faktry i dont no hoo the tipster wuz but hooever yoo ar thank yoo for gitting me owt of that boiler rum!!! ok bye

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15 thoughts on “shut down!!!

  1. you need to come on television and issue a tearful apology then check yourself into a celebrity rehab clinic then lay low for several months and it will all blow over. say hi to bernie


  2. Hai Dennis! Ohhhhhhh noes Tan gottid yoo in trouble?? What does Joe fink of dat?? We has to go see Joes blog to find out!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  3. Close call…glad those Mini Macgyvers didn’t get away with it. 🙂 Congrats on your naughty pup win….you SO rocked that contest. 😉



  4. I am glad that even though it is clear Tanner cannot read he figured out what to do with all those books. I am sure Dad won’t mind some of his expensive foreign books he paid a lot of money for on ebay went missing. I mean, it was for a good cause…right?


  5. What did I tell you, Dennis? I tried to warn you away from that stock crooker from the first.

    I really stopped by to congratulate you on your winning the Pointers Naughtyest Dog Contest. Lots of impressive entries there, but you Won! Maybe you can start up a Naughty Dog School, teach the good dogs how to misbehave on a high level.

    I hope you don’t wind up in the slammer.



  6. I heer triangle skemes can be very proffitabull as long as you dont git cot! Um and also you have to be at the top of the triangle.

    Yer pal Dozer


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