Our training operation with Maverick and his sidekick Mark Greene is underway. This is supposed to be a friendly competition, but Maverick’s crazed obsession with my supposed theft of his Ray-Bans has turned it into a grudge match instead. This time, it’s personal.

It begins as a normal flight, with our two jets cruising the skies like birds of prey; but suddenly Maverick moves into position behind us. What is he up to back there?

Suddenly warning lights go off in our cockpit — Maverick has armed his missiles and aimed his targeting systems at us! Before we can even radio to ask him what he thinks he’s doing, he fires a barrage of deadly weaponry at our fighter.

Blinded by his obsession with my sunglasses, Maverick did not take into account my lightning reflexes or my skill on the stick. I evade his missiles, execute a loop that gives Spiny Norman a nosebleed, and end up with Maverick directly in my sights:

But suddenly a shudder rips through our aircraft, as pieces begin falling off of it! A cackle from the radio tells me that this is exactly what Maverick expected to happen. That can only mean one thing — sabotage!

As our plane drops out of the sky, we try to eject, but nothing happens. More sabotage! Is there no end to Maverick’s treachery? Behind me, Spiny Norman is in a panic, shouting for Dinsdale, whoever that is. Meanwhile the ground comes rushing up to meet us! I only have seconds to save us both, but I will think of something — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

20 thoughts on “Dogfight

  1. Maybe Tucker Trixie and Trouble can hold up a big blankie for you guys to drop into? Don’t fall on SPiny Norman cuz that might hurt!


  2. Dennis
    You have me in a panick thewe!
    But I twust that you will pwevail!
    You awe aftew all Dennis the Vizsla!
    smoochie kisses


  3. Hi Dennis
    fill-in-the-blanks post ???????????
    I don’t now wath you mean 😦
    I have never heard from others,
    I’am sorry you didn’t see it LOL
    Hope you come back HEHE
    Have a nice day
    Many greetz
    Kareltje & Anya


  4. Hi Dennis – well you certainly never do anything by halves! Tell your mom that ours agrees about the oceans too! Of course as you know us dogs live for the day and dont have to try and fathom it all out!!!! xxx


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