Whiny Sunday

Or, “Stop Playing With Your iPod Touch And Pay Attention To Me!!!”

Who knows what goes through Dennis’s mind when his brother carries on like this? Through the magic of technology, we can find out!

First, curiosity …
… followed by disgust …
… followed by an urgent need to be somewhere else.

23 thoughts on “Whiny Sunday

  1. Makwa was looking concerned wheres the whiny dog? Aww so cute, Makwa’s been already trying to get us to go for a walk or play Frisbee. She just did a huge sigh, so funny. It’s like come on guys we’ve waited all Winter for Weather like this lets go outside. It is an incredible beautiful day!


  2. We would invite you to Minniesoda except our furniture isn’t in the best condition but it is acceptable and we want to keep it that way, so sounds like Scotland is your best bet.



  3. Dennis, you are a good brother. You gave your brother a chance to “express himself!” It is not written anywhere that you have to stick around to hear his whining! Great exit! 🙂


  4. aww nooo’s that made-ed the momma all sad like.. poor lill Tucker.. heheh Dennis, you should have helped buddie! :))


  5. Oh those little boxes are so very silly. Our girl Blizzie just got an ipod touch… soooo so very annoying you can scream your head off, you can fall on the floor and act dead and they are not paying attention.



  6. Poor Dennis, brothers are so good at being annoying sometimes! Red wanted me to tell him that he is welcome to come visit over here if he needs a break from his brother, except he sort of has the same whine…luckily he only brings it out on special occasions like when he sees a squirrel, a bird, or another dog outside, and when the kitties are playing chase and won’t include him, or when I have food, or okay so maybe it’s a little more frequent that he was letting on! LOL

    Dennis and his brother are quite cute 🙂


  7. Hi Dennis, this is Star. Listen, man, I totally feel you. Where do the old geezers get the energy to whine like that anyway?

    Your friend, Star


  8. Dennis, If you can’t read the recipe for mimosas just mix orange juice and champange together its the same thing.


  9. Sounds like Tucker’s kind of constipated. Make his mimosa with prune juice, poor old guy!

    (Cosmo trying to find out where the dog noise is coming from, too funny!)


  10. Wow, quite a persistent Tucker! And a fine tail if I may say so – doesn’t stop wagging. It’s funny how dogs let their brothers and sisters get on with it. Dennis manages to stay very centred throughout!


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