hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may hav herd we had a littel erthkwayk neerby up in the mithical land of lost andjelus it wuz a 4.7 on the andy richter skayl wot is a skayl that mezhures how suksesful an erthkwayk is the skale rayndjes frum the low end of andy barker pi to the hi end of andy richter controls the yooniverse i am not shoor ware 4.7 falls on that skayl probly in the middel i wood gess ennyway mama felt the erthkwayk but dada did not but this may be becuz dada was distrakted by pie mmmmmmm pie

in kayse yoo ar not familyar with the andy richter skayl heer is a vizhual aid to help yoo owt:

ennyway as yoo may remember last summer mama wuz theerizing that i wuz abel to predikt erthkwayks by akting funny however sinse then we hav had more erthkwayks wot i did not predikt however this is not my fawlt as i hav ben having problims with my erthkwayk predikting ekwipment not to menshun the fakt that sumbuddy keeps distrakting me wile i am trying to consentrayt:

how am i suppozd to wurk under theez condishuns???  tucker yoo ar jamming me just like how the faymus bard tom petty sez!!!!!  ok bye

23 thoughts on “erthkwayk!!!

  1. Well we does not reely have erthkwakes here but I do predikt the arrival of the maleman purty well. Say Dennis can you predikt other thangs too or would that tare the fabrik of space time?

    Yer pal Dozer


  2. We think if you adjust yer predicting cap you will get yer powers back. Try it and let us know. But we hope you don’t predicts no more earthquakes cause oooooh ~shake shake shake~.


  3. Hey Dennis you look like a guy called Houdini! He was a magician. We felt the shaking here in the mythical alnd of Pasadena.


  4. Oh Dennis, Bailey and me will be right over and you can tell us our future!
    We are sure without that thing on your head your erthkwayke predictor would work! (we are hoping we have mis-spelt earthquake correctly!) xxxx


  5. What you need is a cat, Dennis, they are famous for predicting rumbling in the earths. Just put it on a leash, drag it around and when it gets excited, you can run for cover!

    Hope this helps!



    1. hello stella its dennis the vizsla dog hay ummmmm i sort of alreddy hav a cat but i am pretty shoor she wud kil me if i tried to put a leesh on her and drag her sumware she has alreddy almost killd me at leest ten times and i havent even dun ennything meen to her yet!!! ok bye


  6. I heard Jay Leno is looking for the next Amazing Kreskin for his new 10pm show. Maybe you could submit a portfolio?


  7. 4.7 Earthquake really? I better go look at my Earthquake site. Yikes. I’m not a real big fan of the shakers. Do you have stored food and such? hmmm 4.7 sigh going to check the EQ site bb


  8. If you can predict earthquakes, you will be rich! Oh wait.. you are making tons of bucks with your pig powders. Never mind. Perhaps you could do your predictions as a service! Nice doggy. Good doggy.

    Stop your whinging!


  9. Dennis, that hat has to go, how can you think at all with THAT on your head? Our human brother and family are in the LA area and felt the shaking last night. It worries our Mom but we guess all is well. Can you send us word of when you think thenext one is coming?

    Woos, the OP Pack


  10. Dennis, I stopped in earlier this am and you were not out to play yet….now I know why! You have yet another mission in life to help all of us humans! Thanks! Be careful out there!


  11. Ooo, that’s a little bit scaryfying. We get earthquakes here in the Yoo Kay occasionally but I don’t remember one here in Brighthelmstone and Hoveactually, unless you count the house shaking and bits of plaster falling on mine head when big lorries thunder past.

    You might be wise not to have a cordless mousie. I finally managed to change the batteries in the cold light of today. The trouble with energy saving lightbulbs is, while they may help save the planet (questionable), they are well dim! Did the mouse work? Did it bu****y! Then I had a brainwave. “Perhaps these new batteries are duds coz, like, they’ve been hanging round for years”. So I opened a new packet, went through the whole tortuous procedure again, and yay! Bingo! We have mousement! Actually I love the wee beastie coz it’s one less wire to get tangled up in. 🙂 xxx


  12. you’re so funny Dennis! I think if you take off your hat and just lay down away from tucker you might be able to feel a rumble or two as long as no one else is running by you at the time, which might be impossible.


  13. Get elephants! Apparently they’re really good at ‘feeling’ the coming of earthquakes.

    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack


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