more presents frum the majikal mailboks!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? yesterday i wuz wishing for more guddies to come in the mayl and then they did!!! so today i am wishing for a truk ful of stakes to brake down in frunt of my howse!!!! ok so wile i am wayting for that truck to arrive lets tawk abowt the presents wot i got yesterday:

ooooh royal mail!!!! ill bet that meens that the kween is inside!!!!

ha ha yes that is verry verry troo mrs kween of england!!!!  now i am pretty shoor this packadj came frum my gud frends the dughallmor beagles wot live in the mithical land of scotland ware they hav cassels and pilbokses and forests and beeches if yoo hav not gawn to see the dughallmor beagles yoo shud stop by and say hello to them!!!  but pleez sumwun korrekt me if i am rong!!!

okay now lets see wot is inside this packadj besides the kween becuz i am shoor she did not travel all the way heer frum the mithical land of brittin all by herself!!!

dada!!!! theez toys ar for me why ar yoo letting tucker steel them all?!?!


dada i wish to redjister a complaynt!!!

hay dada i think yoo ar forgitting hoo is the star of the show arownd heer!!! why duz tucker end up with all of my toys???

hay dada i am not even in that viddyo!!!!

i am not in that wun eether!!!  dada nobody comes heer becuz they want to see tucker run sirkels arownd me and steel all my toys!!!

ok tucker yoo may hav wun this rownd and the last rownd and the rownd before that but yoo wil roo the day sum day like maybe wen i am pikking owt yore nersing home!!!  and ummm dada that goze for yoo too!!!  ok bye

28 thoughts on “more presents frum the majikal mailboks!!!

  1. Pretty special, getting Scottish stuffies via Royal Mail.

    Around here, they come from garage sales or else are purloined from the 12-year-old’s bedroom…


  2. Oh Dear Dennis! Those presents were for you. I think you might need to call in reinforcements to get them back!


  3. Dude, did Tucker also steal a human? It looks like he prefers person over sofa. Talk about adding insult to stuffy-stealing. I think it’s time you got even. When your truck arrives, take it all for yourself!


  4. Definitely, Dennis! When that truck of stakes breaks down in front of your house, don’t share even one with Tucker or even Dada!

    I got my package from the Dughallmors and had it all to myself. There are advantages to being an only dog.

    Poor Dennis!



  5. Hi Dennis 🙂

    You are a lucky boy 🙂
    You got sooooo many toy’s , I want also play with it =^.^=
    Its nice that you sharing those toys 😉
    You are a very sweet doggie ^__^
    Hugs Kareltje


  6. We are not amused. ~ HRH Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of this Realm and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith


  7. Hai Dennis! Stuffies is grrrrrrrrrrrrreat toys to get and steal from Tucker! I steal mine back from da blurpy alien all da time. Stuffies are also gud to rip to shreds!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  8. hahah that was too coote to see Tucker like a little boy in a candy shoppe!
    That last picture makes us giggle a cause we can se ehis tiny little front teefs.. “yoink” hahah what a fun package, don’t worry Dennis I am sure you will get your yoinkage soon 🙂


  9. Dennis, stakes are for killing vampires & holding up tomato plants. Waiting for a whole truck full, are you planning a trip to Transylvania or a tomato patch. Tomatoes are safer except if you live where the Killer Tomatoes attack.
    When does Tucker officially take over this blog, looks like he’s getting all the limelight & ‘Tuckers Diary of Destruction’ could become a reality soon to be beheld by all the blogosphere…..


  10. ROYAL stuffys?? That sounds even better than regular ones. I hopes you get to taste them soon. I bet they tastes like peacocks and lavender marmalade and pearls smothered in honey.

    Yer pal Dozer


  11. Woohooo! You got your parcel! And we are so late in coming by…as usual…sorry! Well Dennis, if Tucker took all the toys for his greedy self we hope you ate all the treats….well, maybe gave Trixie one!
    Royal Mail sure is quick these days 😀
    Slobbers xx


  12. Hey Dennis,

    You is letting that bruva of yours run rings around yous, you needs to takes back the control!

    We is posting your prize out dis weekie, so yous will has another parcel from the queen comings soon!

    You don’t has to share that one if yous don’t wants to.
    Luv Scott xx


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