28 thoughts on “Social Engineering

  1. Oh Tucker!!! Dennis is sending Tweets out to all of us to help him figure out whats going on! You may be sorry, although your momma will probably protect you if you sit on her lap…..


  2. Our first response – ‘eh whassat? Did we get onto the wrong page? How did Tucker …?? Where is Dennis?

    Now we understands. This is call reverse engineering!

    What would Dennis dos?

    Licks and Wags

    TUffy and the Dog WOods Pack


  3. I tried to warn you Dennis, I saw the signs but you didn’t listen.
    Hey Tucker I really love your Blog!!! Are you gunna find the Goferbroke which Dennis failed to do???


  4. we think tucker should get his own blog just like we need our own too! We should start a crowd or whatever you call it in order to riot and get our own way.


    PS Dennis, Zoe does the ol’ “fart and dart” thing all the time so we all know SHE did it and no one can blame me!


  5. “hi dennis, it’s pickles. well, it is good to see an OLDER guy such as tucker embracing technology. alot of times these OLDER guys shun modern things. it’s nice to know that tucker isn’t letting his ADVANCED YEARS intimidate him and keep him from broadcasting like the YOUNGER set does.
    i bet he forgets to send the attachments on his emails all the time. old folks can be so cute!”


  6. “hi dennis, it’s me cody bear. i apologize for my younger sister’s ageist remarks. that being said….try not to trust that old guy. something doesn’t seem quite right.”


  7. Hai Dennis! Yoo can has all da treats I dun want but first yoo gots to show me how to get all dat email dat says I gets MONEY. Den I can buy more treats …. And oh yea, Tucker messed up yer puter!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


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