Saving the Day

Last week, Spiny Norman and I faced seemingly certain doom as our fighter jet fell apart in the middle of a training exercise-turned-dogfight against Maverick and his sidekick Mark Greene.  As we plummeted toward the ground, all hope seemed lost; but surely this cannot be the end for Dennis the Vizsla, can it?

It looked as if all hope was lost — I had finally run out of ideas and tricks and crackpot schemes to save us. As Maverick gloated, we plunged out of the sky, with nothing that could possibly save us.

Until, that is, my valiant brother Tucker picked up our pitiful cries with his hypersensitive hearing and, using his supersonic speed and maneuverability, raced to the scene!

With his incredible strength, Mighty Tuck caught our jet in mid-fall and delivered it safely to the ground. Maverick foolishly landed nearby and challenged Mighty Tuck to a fight, which ended quickly and exactly the way you would have expected.

Afterwards, Mighty Tuck was awarded Top Gun status for his incredible flying skills and ISO 9001 certification, not to mention for taking care of Maverick, who had been a thorn in everyone’s side for some years. And I was given an important position, too, one that was appreciated by all the pilots in the graduating class.

So everything worked out, thanks to Mighty Tuck, and no thanks to me — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I don’t know when to give up.

23 thoughts on “Saving the Day

  1. Seems to me that last Saturday Tucker was puttering along in the sky on his magic flying coaster. It seems a bit difficult to believe that you could develop such large pectoral muscles and a six pack in a week with out taking steroids…..


  2. Dennis, Dennis! You have always outpowered Tucker, ALWAYS. This has to stop unless you want a blog called Dennis the Singing Waiter, and I don’t think you do. Think of something to do to Tucker (preferably while he is sleeping) and plan it NOW! No more second banana to Tucker, Dennis!



  3. Thank you Tucker!! This wuz not only entertaining but also an edjucashunal messege fer todays youth. Senior does not meen old and useles it meens wise and machure and bulging with mussels. And also capabull of performing extraordinary feets of strength and giving Tom Cruise a smackdown. Take note you yung wipper snappers!!

    Yer pal Dozer


  4. You see Dennis – it is very useful having Tucker for a brother – that is what families are for! You would be doomed for sure if it wasnt for Tuck in his superhero outfit!
    Martha & Bailey xx


  5. Oh man, Dennis, now you are going to owe Tucker big time. You can say goodbye to all your stuffies.



  6. Hmmm… I wonder what REALLY happened! We’ll have to see what tricks Dennis will use to get his blog back and tell us how he pulled it off. Betcha Tucker ends up serving the canapes… well knowing Tucker, he can’t be trusted alone with them, but we’ll see.


  7. I just caught up with this hostile take-over. Poor Dennis, relegated to a waiter. I does quite be enjoying the adventures of Tucker though.
    ~lickies, Ludo


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