Common English Tuckerese Equivalent
No Yes
Yes Yes
Not yours Help yourself
Leave it Whatever you’re doing, do it faster before we have a chance to stop you
Off Roll over, stick your feet up in the air, and refuse to move
Good boy Dennis Good boy Tucker
Wait Wait until we’re out of sight, then go steal stuff from the kitchen
Stay See “wait”
Dennis want a treat? Tucker want a treat?
Gentle (used when giving treats) Only bite off one finger instead of three of them
No stealing! You can steal but be quick about it
Not now Keep whining and carrying on and shoving a toy at us until we relent and say okay

25 Comments on “Tuckerese

  1. That’s exactly the same as MY language!! Who knew we had so much in common?


  2. Tucker, you have been very clear with us humans! I got it, thanks! Have a very adventurous week!


  3. i smell a reality tv show contract in the offings. also i smell toast, are you still serving breakfast?


  4. What ever you do Tucker – dont turn round! We think we bassets should get the grasp of Turckerese quite quickly – it is very similar to our own basset language. Apart from the Tucker/Dennis bit of course!
    Martha/Bailey xxxx


  5. Um hey Tucker wut is “Look outs behind you!” in Tuckerese? Cause I have a very importent messeje fer you.

    Yer pal Dozer


  6. Um Tucker, watch out dude! Fierce predators in the house! Quick, throw them to Dennis.



  7. Oh Dear Tucker, are you a bit hard of hearing? There seems to be an army of rodents closing in…..


  8. hahha Tucker I thinks your language is the best.. I specially agree with the “no stealing”… what else does it mean for us furry babies huh?! 😉


  9. Tucker….you make me laugh! I love your translations….sounds like you have the right idea! 🙂



  10. I don’t want to alarm you Tucker, but if your Mama & Dada have any poison baits, guns, chainsaws or flamethrowers in the cupboard now would be a good time to get them….


  11. Tucker:

    Your English isn’t so good is it? Or did you change those words around yourself?! Do you think I should try that?

    My favorite word in the English language happens to be “kittykat”. That means there is a kittykat prowling around somewhere near.

    R the C


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