24 thoughts on “Careful What You Wish For

  1. Helloo there!

    We’d be more than happy to chase the squirrel away for you and maybe have ’em for dinner. You still in domination Tucker? Haven’t Dennis figured out a way to get his blog back?

    licks and wags

    Tuffy and Dog Woods Pack


  2. Uhoh Tucker!
    I sure you can come up with a devious plan to rid yourself of them nuisances. I bet Dennis really bees enjoying his break. hehehe.


  3. Dennis, maybe he will pay you to take your blog back, lots of money so that you can rebuild the Doghouse of Justice!


  4. squirrels and gophers are sketchy characters… you should stay away from the likes of them.

    Dennis, I think you need to get your blog back or there could be some serious trouble


  5. Hi Tucker, this is Star!! Oh my, I really like that second picture of you. You look stunning! Will you send me the contact info for the rodent that does your makeup??

    Love, Star


  6. Dennis, I am very concerned for your safety. I hope Tucker doesn’t start running into walls what with getting his eye shot out by that laser.



  7. AWWW Dennis you should be looking after your older brofer,it won;t be long before he will be wearing the adult diapers.. mwwahahaha nah I wuvs you too Tucker.. I is just a cheeky boy :))


  8. LOL Dennis “No I’m good thanks” funny how animals are. Tucker I can’t believe you let that squirrel put makeup on you! Can’t you guys team up and go on a wild caper together? I’d start with that pesky squirrel!


  9. I wuz wunderin if itz too late for Dennis to rezzurect hiz pig powderz faktery. Meybee Tucker kin be hiz financier in xchange fer Dennis takin hiz blog back?


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