22 thoughts on “Overheard Around The House

  1. Dennis…that look says it all! You carry a burden on those shoulders I would not want to try out! LOL Try to have some fun this weekend!


  2. I had to check the address on that box too, glad not to see Starlachat on the address! No, No too much trouble in a box if you ask me. Glad to see Dennis handsome as ever! Now Dennis no more tearing the house apart or your Mom will show us all the video.:+) Hope you guys have a good Weekend!


  3. Finally, everyone can restore their blog rolls. And good riddance to those smoldering squirrels. I’m going to be a lot more careful about opening priority packages in the coming days…


  4. Well, I was rooting for you Tucker, seeing as you have grey hair and I have grey hair, ergo we are very noble elitist grey-haired dogs.

    Celeste was rooting for the hedgehogs.

    Seems we both lost.

    -Miss Mina


  5. OMD! Hai Dennis!! Whats this bout learning lessons?? Ummm care to teach me sum more, I got’s treats!


    Oh yea, we gaved yoo, Tucker, Trixie and Trouble an awardie today!

    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  6. Nice going! Who learned how to use the post office’s Click ‘N’ Ship?

    Poor Tucker is so misunderstood.


  7. hahhaha secret ninja Trixie.. cooool… girls are just too awesome! I will keep your secret Trixie :))


  8. Someone actually said Tucker is

    “misunderstood” Is that a laugh or what? He is a nasty guy in my book and I am glad Dennis is back in charge.



  9. Star is saying sumthang about gurls bein smarter than boys. Whats that Star?? Im afrade I cant heer you when yer mouth is full of metaforical garbaje. Hey wate that is not garbaje that is my tug toy!!! Come back!!

    Good job Trixie giving them rodents the smackdown. Even if you are a gurl.

    Yer pal Dozer


  10. Hey Tucker TMBTDV…. Oh… Boring ol’ Dennis is back in charge Oh Wow Dennis you have your blog back from Tucker now. Hey that’s really great!!!!


  11. I was so shocked that it’s not Tucker’s blog anymore I was so overjoyed that you have your blog back now Dennis that I forgot to say before that how impressed I am by Trixie’s conquest of the Ninja hedgehogs


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