we interupt satterday matinay to bring yoo flyball!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel now that i hav finaly got my blog bak frum tucker i can tel yoo all abowt wot i did last weekend wich was flyball!!! yes thats rite last weekend wuz a too day flyball turnamint in the mithical sitty of ramona!!! now yoo may remember that the last time i playd flyball in ramona i got a littel bit of staydj frite that didnt happen this time but unfortchoonatly their is no viddyo of me becuz mamas memry card in her camera got korrupted wile she wuz their i am not shoor wot that meens but i think it meens it aksepted bribes or sumthing but ennyway heer ar sum pikchers wot she tuk before her card went bad

yes heer is my old nemesis the coverd flyball fasility:

yoo may hav wun last time but this time i wil git the last laff coverd flyball fasility!!! so ennyway we set up owr yoozhual fortified kompownd in the flyball area and i got setteld in my yoozhual comfy krate

as yoo can see my krate comes with all the eesenshuls like a soft bed and a fan and sum botteld water

why yes thank yoo i am verry comfy

sum peepul mite think i am a diva but that is just reedikyulus becuz divas ar girls and i am a boy

besides if ennywun is a diva its sasha the aussie border collie mix!!!  hey sasha lindsay lohan calld she wants her signatchoor moov bak!!!  ha ha

speeking of fud the other flyball teemz only bring sandwitches and ships but not us!!!! we had owr yoozhual cookowt but wunse agin the cookowt fud wuz not for dogs:

however this did not deter sum of us frum attempting to help owrselvs espeshly my frend indie the bachshund hoo seemd to be chaneling my brother tucker or sumthing

whew all that attempted steeling seems to hav worn indie rite owt!!!

i hope he wayks up in time for his run!!! now i am not shoor if i menshund this before but sumtimes us faymus flyball athleets have problems with stawkers and other crazies wot mite seek to do us harm or fans wot want to git owr awtografs or aktivists wot want us to donayt to there silly chariteez

fortchoonatly we no just how to handel sutch ishyooz

to help keep me sayf frum harm mama and dada bilt me a fortress owt of eeriegayshun pipe and plastic fensing:

lets all stay beehind the fensing peepul

sum of the other athleets hav there own fensing wot is not mayd owt of eeriegayshun pipe

oh shoor yore fenses mite be mayd owt of meddel but i bet yoo cant yooze them to water plants!!! sum of theez fortresses ar so spayshus and comfy that owr hyooman roadeez sleep in them too

of korse we dedukt rent for this frum there salareez ok now heer is wot yoo hav all ben wayting for its time for sum flyball!!!!

go sasha!!! go indie!!! go sasha!!! go indie!!! i had all kleen runs too but as i sed mama didnt git viddyo of me on akkownt of her card becoming korrupt and going to prizzin however i did reseev my first title!!!

yes i am now a top flight dog wich is kind of like a top gun dog maybe eksept yoo dont hav to deel with crazy maverick trying to steel bak his raybans not only did i git this spiffy littel medallyun but i am hafway to my nekst wun!!! go dennis!!! go dennis!!! go — wot??? oh dada sez i shud not cheer for myself so ummmm no i think i am going to do it ennyway go dennis!!! go dennis!!! go dennis!!! ok bye

26 thoughts on “we interupt satterday matinay to bring yoo flyball!!!

  1. Dennis, the world you live in is fascinating! You get to meet so many cool friends! I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures..thanks! Some of those friends of yours look like they are lots of fun! Congrats to you! I would be proud! You are a great guy! Have fun! 🙂


  2. Wow! What a cool place you had – a neat place to rest (actually Mom liked your crate, and wants to know where your parents got it), and a friend to do your food-bidding. My little big sister is too small to steal food, so she always pushes the job off on me. And your medal is really cool! *kissey face* – Fiona


  3. Wow Dennis your crate set up is very cool! ITs luxury accomodations I would say. Congratulations on your awards and accomplishments, you are flyball cool!


  4. Hai Dennis! Dat is a pawsome medal!! Yoo deserve a bigger one I fink. And wots up wif dos hedgehogs?? I thought dey was sent away by Trixie? Yer fortress is furry pawsome I must say!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!!


  5. wooowoo!!! Go Dennis Go Dennis!! hat is so cool buddie to get your first badge! 🙂
    We thinks Tucker is very smart to be able to channel those poor woofies..we wants his powahs!
    It looks like such a fun day! I wish they had one for kittie cats, but then..(momma has gone blank insert silly comment here) heheh


  6. Great photos of great fun loving dogs Dennis. Dixie came running in from the lounge room when she heard the dogs barking on the video & started growling. She thought there were intruder dogs in our house. It looks like you all had a wonderful day even if the BBQ said not for dogs.


  7. Very well done Dennis!!! We are so impressed – a medal!We are very proud of you. Your crate looked super duper comfy with all the essential. We thought that little dachshund was Bailey although she is a basset!!
    Martha & Bailey xx


  8. Go Dennis! Go Dennis! Go Dennis! Congrats on your award. You totally rock flyball!

    We wanted to thank you for your kind words last week when Mom’s Gramma passed away. We’re so fortunate to have such great friends.

    We hope you guys have a great weekend and watch out for those hedgehogs!

    Your pal,


  9. Good stuff, Dennis, congratulations! Have you noticed how your medal looks like the Starship Enterprise? Maybe it’s ’cause, finally, you’ve boldly gone over all those hurdles and back!


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