sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by dennis having his blog bak!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after the fiasko wot wuz last weeks sunday awards and meem show with tuckers shoddy produkshun valyooz we now retern yoo to owr regyoolaryly schedjoold sunday awards and meem show with my shoddy produkshun valyooz insted!!! i meen with my verry hi end produkshun valyooz!!! starting with lots of eksklamayshun poynts!!! ok mooving on lets git started:

ok first we hav the internashunal kommyoonist bloggers award wot i got frum my gud frend jake at the misadventchers of me wich is akchooally not abowt my misadventchers so its reely the misadventchers of sumwun else but that naym is not verry ketchy ummmm i think i am gitting sidetrakd ok heer is the award!!!


now the internashunal kommyoonist bloggers award is dedikayted to the destrukshun of kapitalizm so ha ha in yore fayse kommyoonists yoo ar too layt we alreddy destroyd kapitalizsm owrselvs!!! ennyway i — wot??? oh dada sez this is not the internashunal kommyoonist bloggers award it is the internashunal bloggers kommyoonity award and he sez it reminds him of ubuntu wotever that is ummmmm ok shoor dada wotever yoo say but i stil think it is the kommyoonist bloggers award so ennyway heer ar the roolz wot go with this award:


1. link the person or dog or kitty wot tagd you
2. copy the imadj abuv, the roolz and the kwestchunnare in this post
3. post this in wun or all of your blogs
4. anser the fore kwestchuns following theez rooz
5. recruit at least seven frends on your blog roll by sharing this with them.
6. come bak to the lite or posibly to the bloggista info corner at and leev the earl of your post in order for yoo/yore blog to be added to the master list
7. hav fun


1. the person or dog or kitty wot tagd yoo
2. his/her site title and earl
3. dayt when yoo were tagd
4. persons or dogs or kitties wot yoo tagd

ok wel those kwestchuns ar eezy enuf:

1. i got tagd by i is jake wot is not akchooally i but is another dog hoo is naymd jake
2. gosh i alreddy sed this wun up at the top!!! wot is this the department of redundansy department??? ennyway he is frum the misadventchers of me wot is at
3. i wuz tagd on may twentyninth wot is beeing the twentyninth day of the month of may of the yeer two thowsand and nine hay hmmm that is a lot of twos and nines mayk of it wot yoo wil all yoo noomerolodjy eksperts
4. i wood like to tag my following frends:

  • joey and kealani the boo bears wot liv pretty close to the internashunal border with the mithical land of mexico
  • princess the pretty pit bull frum the mithical land of texas wich yoozd to be its own country and so is sort of internashunalish
  • my noo frend waterjay wot is my old frend lavenderbay but in a noo playse in the mithical land of cananda wot is a diffrent country and so is internashunal
  • lorenza the dachshund frum across the border in the internashunal land of mexico
  • my frend shadow wot like waterjay is in another country and so is internashunal too
  • martha and bailey basset the internashunal basset hownds
  • my frend mochi wot livs in the mithical land of hawaii wot is teknikaly part of the yoonited stayts and so is not internashunal at leest if yoo ar in the yoonited stayts like i am but is stil pritty far away

ok and nekst i wuz tagd by my frend ludwig van pup i meen van dog to do the my parents meem!!!  ummmmm wel so i am a reskyew vizsla dog and dont no ennything abowt my parents or ware i kaym frum altho i understand dada has a theery abowt my orijin wot he is going to shayr with evrywun on my second anniversry living with them wich will be coming this oktober dada sez that is wot we call a teezer hay dada didnt ennywun tel yoo teezing is not nice???  but ennyway my brother tucker the vizsla dog wuz also tagd by ludo and sinse he is mr fansypants pedigreed vizsla dog we no a bit more abowt his heritadj like ummm evrything!!!  so heer goze:

tuckers dog mama zoe


tuckers dog dada remington

tuckers dog mamas famly tree
tuckers dog dadas famly tree

heer ar sum other pikchers of tuckers mama

note the famly resemblanse to tucker:

i wood like to tag the following doggies and or kitties to tel us abowt there mama and dada:

and thats a rap on the sunday awards and meem show see yoo all tomorro!!!  ok bye

22 thoughts on “sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by dennis having his blog bak!!!

  1. Congratulations on your awards. Hey you have a momma and dadda, they just have 2 legs instread of 4! And I think the resemblance to your dadda is striking!


  2. Ciao Dennis! I, Lucia, had some face time with a Vizsla named Johnny when I spent a couple of days at the kennel this past week. He was a verrrrry cooool guy, but he was no Dennis the Vizsla Dog…!


  3. Ummmm… I didn’t type that, I think Tucker hacked into my computer & took control of my WordPress account & remotely typed that comment from Trouble’s basement office. I meant to say that even if you haven’t got a fancy pants pedigree you are still a number 1 Vizsla to us. And a great flyball champ too!!! And a fantastic adventurer & not to mention a 1st class jailbird. Oops I said not to mention the jailbird thing, sorry….


  4. Tucker’s mom sure looks serious. I can see where he gets his large brain. Better watch out for him.



  5. May 29 2009 = 05/29/2009.
    0+5+2+9+2+0+0+9= 27.

    Nine is an excellent numerological vibration.
    It would suggest that, as a result of receiving this award, in the coming days you should (and to some extent already have! ) :

    – stand up for a cause you believe in;
    – use your powerful artistic talent;
    – reach out to people of other nations, creeds, coat colours, and species.

    Good boy, Dennis!


  6. Hey Dennis. Congratulations on your awards!! They be great! Tucker’s mummy is very pretty, mummy keep saying she want to add a Vizsla doggie to our pack but daddy keep saying no more doggies, no idea why, cos we be very good! 😉 xx


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