sunday howl!!! or posibly whine!!! and a never giv up award!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay a lot of my dog frends are posting viddyos today of them or there brothers or sisters howling as a tribyoot to all the sad things wot hav ben happening laytly to owr dog and kitty frends i dont hav enny viddyo of me or tucker or trixie howling becuz we ar not reely howlers the closest thing i cud find wuz this viddyo of tucker singing for his supper it kind of sownds like a cross between howling and whining so i gess that mayks it a whowl but ennyway it sownds kind of sad so maybe it wurks heer it is:

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Who’s On First?

Sophie and I have been languishing in this dungeon for nearly a week, no food, the only water what little drips from the cracks in the ceiling. We have seen and heard nothing from our captor since he locked us in here; we have no idea if he was captured or killed attempting to execute his plan to destroy all the Burger Kings on earth. The lack of food is beginning to make us see and hear things that aren’t really there. Or are they?

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The Dog Whisperer – Part 2

After Dennis’s session with the animal communicator, it was Tucker’s turn. Compared to Dennis, Tucker is quite the chatterbox. What does he have to say? According to my wife: “He sounded a lot like he does on your blog.” Here’s the edited version:

Tucker Talks To The Animal Communicator

This audio is about 8 minutes long. Here are some highlights:

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The Dog Whisperer – Part 1

Not long ago, my wife’s flyball team sponsored an animal communicator to come in and talk to the dogs.  She brought Dennis in for a chat, and Tucker tagged along as well.  Here’s an edited version of the communicator’s session with Dennis:

Dennis Talks To The Animal Communicator

The edited version is about ten minutes long.  Here are some of the highlights:

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