flat tonys not heer

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay sum of yoo may hav herd a roomer that flat tony is in the areea but that is not troo i can ashoor yoo that if flat tony wer heer i wood no abowt it!!!

nope no flat tonys arownd heer!!!! ok bye

Meanwhile …

30 thoughts on “flat tonys not heer

  1. related but not: do you have those Orkin commercials in your parts where the giant roach is at the front door with a pizza and the families like, “We didn’t order a pizza” and then the Orkin man shows up and the roach speeds away in his car?!

    Well, if not, you do now.


  2. Hey Dennis! You were smart to ignore the imposter. We sure hope we can get moved,settled and get back to regular reading. Mom says she has to go back and read everything from 09. She, as Scooter & I LOVE your blog. Thanks for hanging with us during all this. Mom also wishes she had followed your advise on the puter thing. She does not like Windows Vista and now has a bookDon’t spend a dime about all the free programs. She is so unadept a puter stuff..OH FOR OPPOSABLE THUMBS!!!!
    Rant over. She would like to return this dang thing, but doesn’t know if she can now.
    Sunny &Jamie-doin all the bitchin’ 😉


  3. I can’t believe you didn’t take the ham! I was just saying earlier to Behr Behr how much I love eating pig. Even tho my mom won’t eat it because she says it has feelings like me and can do tricks like me. I told Behr Behr that my dad eats lots of ham and so do I because it is yummy. I would let ANYONE in for a ham sandwich. So tell me why you did not let him in Tucker? I just can’t comprehend that one. I think Dennis would have made the right choice on that one! Dennis knows the value of a Ham.


  4. See thats another reason Tucker doesn’t belong on this blog. He would sell you out for a ham sandwich and thats just shameful.



  5. That baby gate looks awfully insufficient just now… ewww!

    Didn’t you viciously murder Flat Tony once already? Rendered limb from limb, as I recall. What is he THINKING coming around again??


  6. Hai Dennis! Dat is furry scarry lookin monster thing. Do yoo fink Flat Tony cud help yoo wif it? I wud run run run away so I wud not be of much help.

    Well maybe if yoo had BACON!!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  7. Who’s Flat Tony….I have missed so much that I am confused now. 🙂 The ham sandwich would have done it for me too though. 🙂



  8. Great cartoons 🙂
    Lovely shots !!
    Dennis I have a big thinny dog on my site today,
    (not always cats)
    come and look ;)……… LOL


  9. HOLEY COWS!!! Does praying mantises get THAT big??? My Mummy bringed home a praying mantis egg the other day and she sed it wuz to eat other bugs but now I am thinking it mite eat ME!!

    Yer pal Dozer


  10. Hey can’t say no to a ham samwich! This is good stuff… wondering if flat tony makes it out alive-hehehe

    thanks for waggin by my bloggie & tweeter!

    sniff u soon


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