flat tony reeduks

flat tony is the too dimenshunal alter ego of my gud frend tony in tasmania now then flat tony went on a wirlwind toor of the wurld last yeer wile sum of the rekords of his visit wer lost in the grayt tasmaynian blog deleeshun upheevals yoo can see frum this repost at tonys playse that flat tony had a gud time visiting with my frend s le wot feels unyoozhual and then later on flat tony came to visit us heer in the mithical land of california his visit went wel until ….. flat tony tried to find owt how to git to the top sekret dog park!!! at wich poynt ther wuz an ummmmm insident wich has stil not ben fully eksplaynd however as yoo can see frum flat tonys frendly greeting to me wen i returnd frum the joorasic peeryud he had no hard feelings as far as yoo no

wel ennyway i gess flat tony wuz reesently overcome by wanderlust agin and returnd for another visit to s le at wich poynt he wuz carreed off by a jiant praying mantis so gudness nos ware he mite hav ended up after that but ennyway i dowt he is intrested in mayking a return visit heer after wot happend last time!!! ok bye

21 thoughts on “flat tony reeduks

  1. Say, what’s the rumpus? I’m feeling mighty guilty about the entire business. Try to help Flat Tony out, will you lad? Give the bloke a break! Hmmm… perhaps those words were ill chosen.


  2. Hey. I am new to this blog. I found you through Tony and I am glad I did. I see that we have a lot of the same friends. I was wondering if I could put you on my blogroll so that I can visit your blog with just one click. Thank you for your great stories, your great blog and for bringing a smile to my face.


  3. I shoulda kept him here in Tasmania where he’d only have to worry about Tasmanian Devils…..
    It woulda been much safer…
    I actually have a Flat Tony – Dennis & Family review of last years visit in draft as I speak type


  4. We all KNOW that tearing off limbs and then feasting on something does not count as killing. Oh no. No WAY! It’s just our way of showin’ some stuffy love.


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