26 thoughts on “Observed Around The House

  1. Well, I would have to agree with it not being a very good idea, but what else can you do? Flat Tony needs some attention. What a job~~~~


  2. Flat Tony is always welcome in Albuquerque (which is a little closer to Australia). Chase and Inca will make him feel right at home.


  3. I hope you all stay safe on that thingie..it doesn’t look all that stable..is the mythical land of Ohio faw?

    Dennis you’we welcome to come fow cocktails, but I have no almonds..Mommi says they’we bad fow doggies. I bet it’s just an excoose so she can eat them all


  4. OH NOES! quick jump off before it takes off.. you gusy are very brave or very silly…. be carefuls!


  5. Oh ye cannae chuck yer Tucker aff the disc…..oh ye cannae chuck yer Tucker aff the disc….oh ye…..
    Not sure why that popped into our silly heads…it’s late!
    Have a safe trip and swing by bonny Scotland if you’ve enough rocket fuel 😀
    Slobbers xx


  6. Trixie seems to be the only one with any sense of what’s probably not such a good idea. Tucker seems overly confident for his age & I think Trouble needs to be a bit waryer (is that a proper word) of being so easily led astray by her crazy adventurous Vizsla brothers. Dennis, well Dennis is just Dennis…..


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