road trip day wun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is the first day of owr road trip to bring flat tony bak to the mithical land of ohio on the majik flying coaster and alreddy we ar finding owt that we hav sevral diffrent ideeas as to wot roadside attrakshuns we shud stop and visit:

fortchoonatly it is a long way to ohio and i am shoor that evrywun wil git to do sumthing they want to do along the way altho tucker is a bit of a ledfut so it is sumtimes a littel hard to git him to stop wen yoo want him to ha ha ok bye

Later …

25 thoughts on “road trip day wun!!!

  1. Keep Trouble away from the giant ball of yarn or it will be a giant mess! I think you’d better stop for the policeman or he will call the Government and they’ll pull out their jets to track you down.


  2. Make sure to go to Kings Island Amusement Park and say Hi to our girl Katie. She works by the new Diamondback roller coaster. Great Wolf Lodge is right next door – make sure to visit the indoor water park. Have fun!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker


  3. Hey Dennis! WOAH!!! That hamburger is mega HOOOOGE!!! Is that a tazer the cop is holding? I hope he does not taze you guys… Give him some of thet hamburger. Hopefully he’ll let you guys go.

    Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies


  4. My mommy says to watch out for I-75–lots of police on it. but I-30 isn’t so bad. we just saw lots of trucks on it today. Mommy says I can bark out the door if I see you fly by..

    Ok–be safe


  5. Hey Dennis I jest reelized sumthang you are surrounded by the letter T. Trouble Trixie Tucker and Tony. And if Tucker doesnt slow down a bit then you kin add Tikket to that list heheheh!!

    Yer pal Dozer


  6. Just put the foot, sorry paw down & go for it, I bet the cop can’t outrun ya.
    What sort of sissy wants to visit the paper doll museum, I’m with the dogs on this one, gimme the giant hamburger anytime…

    Disclaimer: Any sissy tendencies that Flat Tony may exhibit do not reflect on his 3D counterpart’s character in any way….


  7. Better slow that coaster down to a coast…

    I vote for going to see the hamburger and then eating the silly thing. Then snag that giant cow and take him home to make more giant hamburgers!

    I’d stay away from the paper doll place. Those paper girls might chase after Flat (paper) Tony. Might mess up your trip.

    Behr Behr 🙂


  8. Watch out for those troopers! They see a couple of crazy kids like you guys and you’re toast! They’ll want to make an example of you 🙂 Safe journey!


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