road trip day too!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i am not so shoor that having tucker drive the majik flying coaster wuz sutch a gud ideea as he appeerz to be a bit of a ledfut and also has a problem with impuls control wen confrunted by awthority figgers chek it owt:

Later …

27 Comments on “road trip day too!!!

  1. The travelers obviously failed to check with AAA so they could avoid the speed traps. I have a list of bail bondsmen — do you want it? . . . and flat Tony — you know better!


  2. Love the donut hat!!! (Next time maybe you should consider a radar detector – or a donut detector – I think they both work pretty much the same way!)

    *kissey face*


  3. Weel….you have to figure that this adventure is one you will tell as a really tall tale~~~~~~ 🙂


  4. That is a REALLY fancy police car! Strange that the city has the money to spend on newfangled police cruisers but they apparently haven’t remodeled their 18th century dungeon jail.


  5. watch out for that waskwey wabbit!! Tucker–pointing at others is impolite..


  6. Oh, this is just one of life’s little speed bumps, Dennis and Bugs will have this figured out in NO TIME FLAT!




  7. Oh No Dennis
    How did that happen..I thought you wewe about to get away..dwat!!!
    If you’we neaw the mythical land of NewYawk City..pleez come visit me on youw woad twip..(that is if you evew get out of jail)

    Should I call someone?
    Do you have a lawyew? ow a cake wif a saw??
    smoochie kisses


  8. And I was worried you’s would take Flat Tony to McDonald’s but you’s got him arrested & locked up instead. Oh well I guess prison food has gotta be better than the slop Ronald serves up….


  9. LOL. I thought they were going to get away with the speeding. I can’t believe they got thrown into the can. Also, I wonder where Trouble is going to go?


  10. Who would have thought that they’d meet Bugs Bunny in the slammer. This should be a great jail break.


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