31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: While The Dogs Are Away …

  1. Yesturday a baby sqwirel visited my yard. I wanted to play wif him, but my mummy woodn’t allow me. Bad mummy spoilin all of my fun.


  2. Ah such a cute little bunny. Hope they are not eating something they are not suppose to. Like Garden food. I hope the bunnies don’t get into my garden I heard one did a hop by the other day.


  3. The dogs have no idea what they’re missing. Rabbit chasing is way up toward the top of the list. He’s definitely a cute little guy though.


  4. WOW! A WORDPRESS HACK! When I submitted my comment just now, I was re-directed to a “CREATE YOUR OWN BLOGGER ACCOUNT!”

    Fess up, now. Have you gone over to the dark side, Dennis’ Dada??!!?!?


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