Wordless Wednesday: While The Dogs Are Away …

31 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: While The Dogs Are Away …

  1. Aww. Makes me think of the animated framed “photos” in the Harry Potter films.


  2. Yesturday a baby sqwirel visited my yard. I wanted to play wif him, but my mummy woodn’t allow me. Bad mummy spoilin all of my fun.


  3. Ah such a cute little bunny. Hope they are not eating something they are not suppose to. Like Garden food. I hope the bunnies don’t get into my garden I heard one did a hop by the other day.


  4. The dogs have no idea what they’re missing. Rabbit chasing is way up toward the top of the list. He’s definitely a cute little guy though.


  5. Dennis!! Not only is the bunny getting prime time on your blog, but now it’s posting videos of itself! Woo need to hurry home fast.

    Gus and Waldo


  6. Even rabbits have their day! Hmm are you sure that’s not part of Mango’s decoys for the squirrel invasion? I’d be careful.


  7. Mummy has collapsed frum cuteness overlode!! However I am jest feeling hungree after watching that video.

    Yer pal Dozer


  8. WOW! A WORDPRESS HACK! When I submitted my comment just now, I was re-directed to a “CREATE YOUR OWN BLOGGER ACCOUNT!”

    Fess up, now. Have you gone over to the dark side, Dennis’ Dada??!!?!?


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