21 thoughts on “Overheard Around The Dungeon

  1. I am thinking that preying mantis is a little confoozled. Paper does not have enny nutrishunal value. Or so I hear. Ahem. Not that I have ever eaten sumthang made of paper like Daddys bills or Mummys homewerk. You cant prove it!!

    Yer pal Dozer


  2. some of the pictures are missing so we cant see what happened earlier!
    we were confused before……….we will come back and hopefully all will be as clear as mud!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx


  3. Dennis, I think you need one of those Acme All-Purpose-Unlocks-Anything-Including-The-Dungeon-Door keys. Oh, and PeeEss: you’re right — although I had fun hanging out with Jonny the Vizsla during my recent kennel stay, he most definitely lacked your cleverness and panache … and your cool hat!


  4. Dennis . . .Dennis? Are you working on this? You know, busting loose or whatever. What is Bugs doing? What about the evil genius Tucker? You guys gotta pick it up a little.



  5. Oh, Trouble. You are so naughty. We need to send you to a rehab unit in Malibu, obviously, where you may join other celebrities in a posh and completely non-judgemental atmosphere where you’ll be provided with so many gourmet tuna dishes that you’ll forget catnip entirely.


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