sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by flyball!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i got bak frum my rode trip with trixie tucker and flat tony just in time to kollekt an award and then hed off to flyball!!!

this week we hav just wun award to display frum owr gud frends joey and kealani hoo we met wunse at the top sekret dog park it is the sweetest sugar blog award!!!


unlike menny nay most nay all of the other awards wot i hav gottin it duz not appeer that this wun haz enny roolz assosheeayted with it so i dont no wot to do with it now!!!!!  hmm joey and kealani got this frum the fore musketeerz so i wil pass it along to fore of my musketeerz too altho i am not shoor wot a musketeer is eksaktly i think they ware mowse hats and sing ennyway heer goze i wil giv it too:

  • my frend dozer hoo is recuvering frum a seeryus ninja hedjhog inflikted woond git better soon dozer i heer a spoonful of sugar helps the medissin go down!!!
  • my frend anna the buzzy bee girl becuz bees like sugar rite???  oh wayt that is ants oh wel ants bees potato potahto
  • my frend starla frum montana hoo is just abowt as sweet as sugar herself
  • my beagle frends cookie and cinnamon becuz wot goze better with cookies and cinnamon then sugar???  ok wel maybe milk but this isnt the milk award so sugar it is!!!

ok and now heer is sum viddyo of my flyball teem in akshun inklooding the first ever viddyo of me dennis the vizsla dog akchooally raysing and doing a kleen run!!!

go me go me go!!!  thank yoo kamera persun for complimenting me on my jumping i hav ben wurking hard on it!!!  also for the first time my teem came in first in owr divizhun wich is the slow divizhun wich meens we are the fastest of the slowest wich is a littel confyoozing maybe but the importent thing to remember is we came in first!!!  go teem go teem go teem go!!!!  ok bye

26 Comments on “sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by flyball!!!

  1. Aaww, Thanks for the beautiful Award! I like all the bright colors. No rules too! Yeah ;+) I like being a musketeer. I don’t what they are either. Have fun at flyball.


  2. You are amazing! You did not even run between jumps, just boing, boing, boing. Yowsa!

    The people sure make a lot of squeaky sounds during that game.



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  4. Say, Dennis, you are most masterful at the game of FlyBall and before you know it you will wind up being the fastest of the fast team!

    Yea Team!



  5. wow Dennis you was flying!!! m,y talented furiend! :))
    congrats on your awardies 🙂


  6. Go Dennis! We just loved your video – you were amazing – we have had to go for a lie down as we were exhausted watching you – we have never seen a dog go as fast as you and your team was brilliant!!! Well done!
    Congrats on your Award too!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx


  7. Wowza, that was great Dennis! But why do you want to mess with flying balls? In my experience they are dungarees dangerous and have a nasty habit of making your nose look like a squashed strawberry or breaking your glasses. Oh wait, you don’t wear glasses, but you do have a nose and it would not be a good look for you if it became squashed strawberryfied plus that hurts like you don’t want to know, so all I’m saying is, be very careful of Evil Flying Balls, they can be just as dungarees dangerous as Evil Ovens! 🙂 xxx


  8. I LOVED seeing you go Dennis! You are a superb jumper and I think the fastest one! You rock!!



  9. go you go you go! absolutely. fly like the wind….

    and congratulations on your award. shit, shit, shit, i still need to post your award. i’m sorry, will do it now now.


  10. Howdy, Dennis. I thanks you wuz faster than a speedin bullet! Way to show flyball whooze boss!


  11. Hey Dennis thanks fer this award. I am finaly recovering frum the injery. I am not reely shore how it hapened cause somehow I getted knocked out and I gess the ninja hedjhogs jumped me wile I wuz unconshuss but let me tell you as soon as I am alowed to walk around agin you can bet I will back you up wenever you are reddy to pay them hedjehogs a visit!!

    Also I agrees with camera person that you wuz jumping with sum seerius flare!

    Yer pal Dozer


  12. Thanks for giving us the sweetest sugar blog award! Yes, ‘Sugar’ is a perfect much for us. Love the video. You and your team mates are all so fast!! We wish we could join the game as we love speed running.


  13. Oh, I just found this post – must have missed itthe first time around! Anyway, am so glad I found it coz what a cool video!! I think I would love to try Flyball but it’s not really developed in NZ yet…

    Honey the Great Dane


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