23 thoughts on “What Does “I’m Trying To Work” Mean?

  1. Poor thing, put that computer away and play with the dog for God’s sake! And, wow on the tail! That dog could start his own weather system with all of that wagging! LoL.


  2. Oh Tucker! I make those same noises to my mommy when she’s on her computer…she calls me a ‘pitiful pit bull’ when I do that…not sure what it means, but I think you’re doing a pretty good job of it too even if you aren’t a pit bull!!


  3. Oh NOES!!! and you were still at it 25 mins later? And you had your best waggy tail.. how could you momma resist?!?! hahaha I thinks my momma is just a sucker a cause she would drop it and come play haha But that’s why she never has enough time for things too 😛


  4. Dearest Tucker:

    I’m very impressed with your persistance and determination. I too have tried these tactics on my mom and alas they do not always work. I’m also smitten with your cute wiggle butt.

    Very truly yours,
    Dancin Dame Delilah


  5. LOL. That is so funny and so very cute. I love dogs with all of my heart. I must say that is one beautiful dog. I fell in love with Tucker just through this clip. And yes, very persistent.


  6. Who is that evil witch sitting in the chair? You are clearly in some sort of distress. Plus I am concerned that your tail is a bit loose and in peril of detaching.


    P.S. Momma ordered your dada’s book off that Amazon place. I’ll let you know what she thinks.


  7. Tucker, my fellow wiggle-butt, we must be separated at birth! When my mom doesn’t pay attention, I slowly get one paw on her lap, and then the other, and then squeeze under her arm until I am sitting on her lap with my head on the keyboard. Try that next time. I promise it will work!

    Love and kisses,


  8. Cute video Tucker reminds me of Makwa she is a nut about playing Frisbee. Some time I just have to say to her no not right now. She slinks off and comes back in 2 minutes and looks at me so How about now? LOL Dogs can be so persistent!


  9. Goodness that tail is certainly busy Tucker TMBTDV. I can’t believe she can just ignore you like that. I would’ve played with you & hugged you & squeezed you & loved you & named you George.

    Dixie says: Boy oh boy Tucker TMBTDV yoo shor ar determind my Daddy just piks me up & i’m on his lap at this very mowment


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