hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am prepayring a new dokyoomentry of wot goze on behind the seens at a flyball turnamint inklooding never before seen hidden kamra futadj of yung athleets and groopeez cavorting on the grass but until thats reddy i wood like to show yoo this viddyo of another importent event in the life of a dog flyball star or kowtch potato thats rite its toe klipping day!!!

now i hav herd that toe klipping day or toesday if yoo wil is offen an ordeel involving wining and growling and kerrying on and possibly hanging frum a towel with a sok over wunz hed wile wunz mama and or dada klips wuns nails however arownd heer it is a happy okkayzhun with treets and tale wagging!!!

why is toesday so orderly yoo ask???  becuz arownd heer we have the clipping inspektor!!! ok lets go to the play by play!!!

wen it comes to beeing filmd dogs hav verry fyoo legal rites
tucker must be gitting hard of heering in his old aydj!!!
or maybe just senile!!!
now we see the violense inhairint in the sistem!!! ha ha


their is owr hero!!! the klipping inspektor mayks shoor evrything is in order!!!
sum klipping inspektors ar less professhunal then others
mama is an eekwal oppertoonity klipper
this treet is not reely wurth steeling
ha!!! surprize sekund inspekshun!!! no wun ekspekts the klipping inspector!!!

wel their yoo hav it anuther suksesful toesday operayshun all thanks to yorez trooly the klipping inspektor!!!! ok bye

24 thoughts on “toesday

  1. Hey! Sometimes my treats taste like fingers too. My momma is most envious of your clipping party. For me, I go to the VET where momma feeds me lots of treats and the vet tech gives me like a total constant big hug and the vet puts on her face mask and runs the drummels on my toes. It is very tickly and makes a lot of smoke.

    Why does your mom keep wiggling across the floor during the clipping? Does she maybe need her anal glands expressed?

    We downloaded your dada’s short story “The Crying Room” and mamma read part of it aloud to me, but it was too scary for my large and sensitive self so I told her to just finish it quietly.


    Dennis says: hello mango hay thank yoo for downloading dadas story!!! i no sum of the stuf wot he writes wot they sel on amazoncom is not mutch like wot i rite abowt heer but it duznt meen that he is a crazy persun onnest!!! he is a crazy persun for other reezons tho ha ha ok bye


  2. Dennis

    What an opewation, evewy week?
    I think I would wun away fwom home..luckily, my wun is made out of a giant emewy boawd, so I don’t have to do it as often, hehe
    smoochie kisses


  3. Wow – you are So Brave. I wouldn’t let Mom near my toenails with a, well, a toenail clipper. I don’t shed (really, I don’t!) so my hair just grows until I get woolly – and then Mom takes me to the groomer who gives me a bath, beautifies me, waxes my paws (again, really – I’m not sure what that does, but Mom says it is good for all the hiking I do) and trims my toenails. No stress for Mom that way. And the groomer gives me treats, so it’s okay. But you’ve got a really streamlined operation there – I wish I had an inspector!


  4. Dennis, Bailey and I will just throw a few things in a bag and we will be right over!
    That is the calmest clipping we have ever seen. I have not let my mum clip my nails yet but she is watching the video and promises to keep saying “toesies” to me to see if that works!!
    Your mom should become a professional toesies clipper!
    Martha xxx


  5. Holey moley you gets treets fer that?!? My Mummy is more of a ninja about nail trims she jest jumps me and does it before I have time to consider eskape. Star is a bit kwiker on her feet no pun intended so Mummy uses one of them dremel thangs on her cause Star is not so skeered of that.

    So anyways I hopes I am not rude to ask wut sort of pay rate an inspektor gets? Wuz that pine apple canned or fresh??

    Yer pal Dozer

    Dennis says: hello dozer it wuz fresh pineappul!!! only the joonyor level inspektors git cannd pineappul bleccch!!!! ok bye


  6. I’m pretty lukhky in that my walks take khare of the big nails!

    BUT sometimes my mom tries to be sneaky and ‘dew’ my dewkhlaws –

    Tank woo fur showing me up again!



  7. Looks like a smooth operation to me. That person who does the clipping is really in good shape to be able to scoot around like that and not get a leg cramp or anything. Is that your Mom or a hired clippper person?


    Dennis says: hello stella yes that is my mama so she wurks for free!!! wel for kisses ennyway ha ha ok bye


  8. Dixie says: Gosh yoo dogs ar brayv & very kowopertiv, wen my Mummy or Daddy gets the evool toe torchering klippers I just go lyk this


  9. Hai Dennis, yoo get treats when yoo gets toesies clipped? I dont but boy if dada did I wud stop shakin when he clips mine!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  10. Wow, we are impressed – our Mom would never even dare try to do that – she is afraid of clipping too short!!! We are like Khyra and usually do a pretty good job of wearing our nails down on our walks but we do have them done once or twice a year at the vets.

    Woos, the OP Pack


  11. I can’t believe what my eyes saw! You are so good letting your mom clip your nails!
    My Vet has to do it for me! And I don’t like it at all!
    Kisses and hugs


  12. Well that is certainly not what it looks like at our house!! I don’t even know what DOWN means so that would never work. maybe you can come over and inspect some time, Mom stinks at clipping.


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