bakstaydj at the flyball turnamint

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog ok as promissd heer is a behind the seens luk at wot goze on behind the seens at the flyball turnamint wen no wun is luking behind the seens!!!

in order to shoot theez viddyos mama turnd her kamra over to her frend and teemmayt style by linda hoo is indies mom indie yoo may rekall is my littel frend the beagle dachshund miks yoo wil see him in sum pikchers and viddyos layter!!!  ok wel heer in this first viddyo yoo can see sum of the yungsters miksing it up on the grass my littel frend herbie the buggle is trying to shaperone isnt having mutch luck!!!

“Kids these days!”

heer in this viddyo linda wuz trying to intervyoo me abowt my running stile but i am under strikt orders frum my aydjent not to diskuss my top sekret trayning redjimen with the press!!!  i wil giv yoo a hint tho it involvs lots of running and jumping oh and also wurkng owt my nek mussels shredding furnitcher that is verry importent


heer linda attempted to ketch me engaydjing in a game of hed rubbins with mama wich is sumthing that  we do between rayses to help me relaks however the last time sumwun got viddyo of that it wuz plasterd all over tmz so i am trying not to do ennything to emberrass myself agin like — wot???  butt rubbins???  wel ok if yoo insist!!!!

oh crap is that a tmz cameraman over their?!?!?

“I’m never too busy for a good butt rubbin’!”

heers my littel frend indie gitting frendly with sum other dogs and then going wawkabowt!!!  hey indie let me no if the coast is kleer for hed rubbins ok thanks!!!

of korse after all that running arownd and partying it is time to sleep all day becuz that is wot us selebritteez do then wile the poor peepul ar sleeping with the shade on the lite all us stars come owt at nite just like the faymus minstrels steely dan sed in there ballad showbiz kids!!!

“Zzzzzzzz …”
“Zzzzzzz … *SNORT* …. release form for TMZ? Sure I’ll sign it … ZZZzzzzzZZZzzz ….”
“Hello? Are you asleep? Are you sleeping? Hello? Do you want to play? Are you trying to sleep? Hello?”

but of korse it is wot happens on the flyball feeld that evrywun reely comes to see wel eksept for that guy from tmz of korse heer we go agin!!!

and heer ar sum more of my teemmayts running in a diffrent rayse go teem go!!!

wel their yoo hav it a behind the seens luk behind the seens at flyball raysing its a wild wild life but sumbuddy has to do it!!! ha ha ok bye

20 thoughts on “bakstaydj at the flyball turnamint

  1. Dennis, thanks for putting this great story together…it could qualify for a documentary on fly ball, I think you need to assemble it, package it and start working ESPN and Animal Planet for a one time documentary or go further and try to sell a series to them! I know I’d watch it!! Off to go ask my mom for some butt rubbins! Let me know how it works out! ;o)


  2. Well, I am impressed~~
    I was tired just watching and reading this great post~~~
    I can not believe all the time and talents that are involved in pulling off such a fabulous day for all~~~~
    Thanks for sharing with us~~~


  3. Oh Dennis that all looked like so much fun! We enjoyed the pictures and the videos – it was fun seeing the other dogs as well as your handsome self! It is nice to see your human slaves clearly adore you!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  4. THanks for the inside scoop on your drag racing. All that waiting around. Too much time to get nervous. I gotta agree the bassett hound was kind of amazing, but your pace is fantastic.

    You sure are busy.


    P.S. It would be fun to see the training part where not every doggie knows what to do.

    Dennis says: hello mango hay that is a grate idea!!! i hav put in an order for that with my mama!!! ok bye


  5. Baby Bean and I just watched the great Fly Ball videos! We had never heard of it (we don’t seem to get out much…) Lots of fun to watch & we are Dennis’s newest fans. He looks a lot like my parent’s dog Scooby, who was also rescued. Had to come tell you that we have not yet contacted Will Smith; you made us laugh! We love Independence Day!


  6. Those are crazy races. I didn’t know Dennis you are camera shy. Maybe i should’ve come over and the purple haze from our colors would have distracted you from the camera man.



  7. Whooosh! fast movahs on your team. And all for a ball?! does have any foodies inside?
    Dennis, being the big timer you have yourself a nice cozy retreat crate.. high class all the way.

    this was great to see-


  8. omdog the pupperazzi is relentless! Those head rubbins look real good but nothing is better than a good butt scritch in my opinion!! I bet I’d be good at that flyball if I knew how to listen and actually obeyed commands.


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