sunday awards and meem show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel it is sunday and yoo no wot that meens that meens its time for the sunday awards and meem show!!!

first we hav the ladybug award frum my gud frend dozer now yoo may remember that i got this award a wile ago and mistuk it for a cherry pie wot sumwun had alreddy tayken a slice owt of but now i hav sinse lernd that it akchooally represents the ladybug steem kleener wot mama and dada yooze to kleen the floor and kowntertops and shower and stove and floor and oh i sed floor alreddy wel ennyway heer it is:


now i must pass the ladybug on to ten of my frends wow that is a lot of passing arownd!!! ok heer goze:

  • my frend the purple hatter hoo mayks lots of fun and crazy viddyos sum of wich may not be appropryat for puppies or kitties hoo ar of delikat konstitooshuns
  • my frends patrick and jackson of the puppy dog blog
  • my noo frend sasha hoo sez i am cool i think becuz of my hat
  • and of khorse my gud frend khyra hoo is verry verry khool herself
  • and my gud frend doraz hoo enkooradjes yoo to laff with her and also to beleev in yoreself
  • and a twofer for my frend laura the fizzisist hoo helpd me owt of a jam yesterday and owr myootchual frend muddledblog hoo conveyd lauras messadj but left owt the part abowt wot yoo reely can do with yoozd french fry oyl hay muddleblog inkwiring minds want to no!!!
  • and my frend anya kareltje
  • and my frend tula monster hoo is not reely a monster but is in fakt a doggie!!!
  • and finally my noo frends the rose jugglers hoo dont reely juggel roses becuz after all evry rose has its thorn and thorns are poky if yoo try to juggel them

ok nekst we hav this award frum my noo frend sienna!!!


now i am told that this award meens my blog cud be filmd by wich judging by the pikcher i think it meens my blog cud be turnd into animay wot is a sort of kartoon involving spayse battels and jiant robots and kyoot tawking animals and oh hay wow my blog is alreddy animay!!!!  ennyway as per yoozhual their ar roolz wot hav to be followd for reesipyents of this award:

1. post it to the blog and link to who gave it to yoo (dun!!!)
2. choose five life sitchooayshuns wot cud be repeeted in slow moshun and eksplayn why (see below!!!)
3. list twelve blogs and let them no yoo hav given them the award (see farther below!!!!)

ok wow this is a trikky wun!!!  lets see wel i think sum things wot we cud repeet in slow moshun ar:

ok now i hav to list how menny blogs???  twelve?!?!??!  holy cow i cannot eeven kownt that hi!!!!  but i wil giv it a shot ok heer goze:

  • the dogfathers shud be filmd becuz after all luk how popyooler the sopranos wer and the sopranos wernt even kyoot dogs
  • and almosgotit shud be filmd becuz she livs owt in chigger woode wich i am pretty shoor is ware the faymus dokyoomentry deliveranse wuz shot
  • and amanda frum the mithical land of teksases blog shud be filmd and shown on televizhun and they cud call it the travel channel
  • and tony in tasmania shud be filmd becuz he duz sientifik ekspeeriments on like junk fud and stuf just like mithbusters
  • and joe stains shud be filmd becuz he is a dog detektiv plus he is verry wel dressd in his tuksedo
  • and life with dogs shud be filmd becuz wot wood be better then film of life with dogs???
  • and my gud frend victor the kitty hoo is a vampire shud be filmd becuz vampires ar so popyoolar in film and televizhun theez days eevn if dada insists that vampires ar not romantik and not nice and dont sparkel in daylite and wotnot hay dada liten up alreddy!!!!
  • and dadas frend kristen hoo rote a buk abowt beeing on the homefront wot dada sez deservs to be filmd
  • and my frend asta hoo is verry hi sosiety and shud be filmd for the style netwurk if sutch a netwurk eksists!!!
  • and my frend lucia hoo shud be filmd just so we can heer her doing line reedings in an italyan aksent
  • and mango relentlessly huge hoo shud be filmd just so we can see him towering over the rest of the landskayp like cloverfield only withowt destroying the playse or eeting ennybuddy and also so that all the peepul at home can watch the faymus dog show mango minster of witch i wuz a distingwishd judj along with my kolleegs simon and paula!!!
  • and last but not leest nooter the dog hoo needs a handheld camcorder to film his dokyoomentry investigashuns of all the misteeryus fasets of wot goze on arownd his howse wile he is home alone

and their yoo hav it anuther sukseful sunday awards and meem show!!!  wow that wuz so menny awards handed owt i think i need to hire a prodooser to handel this stuf

20 thoughts on “sunday awards and meem show!!!

  1. Congrats!
    Well deserved awards!
    You guys all work hard at making us laugh and enjoy your crazy adventures! I love coming over to visit, every day! I ALWAYS get a smile on my face! Thanks for my award, I appreciate it! CONGRATS to all for the hard work they do to make us all happy!
    Happy Father’s Day!


  2. Congrats on all these awards. You deserve them all and then some. I love that a Japanese anime-style award has Portuguese text and was given to an American dog… I’m not sure how much more multi-cultural it could possibly get! 😀


  3. hahah congratsies on all your awards Dennis!! hehe and thank you for passing one on to me!
    Momma agrees with your dadda! She hates all these EMO Vampire crap, I mean uf you were practically invulnerable, strong and all that other stuffs would you be doing the whole whiney theme and going for boring whiny girls?! sheesh… I is a getting a bad rep!
    Momma just found a new T show (new to her) called Blood Ties, where the Vamp is actually cool!.. I just like it a acuse he woos the women easy.. just like any self respecting little vamp should be able to do :p hehehe
    It’s all about the attitude!


  4. OMG! I think that award might make my head totally explode, ya know? I mean 12 doggies to give it to and all (is that more than three?). I better get started now.



  5. Happy Day After Father’s Day!

    Khongrats on the pawesome awards AND interpretation!

    Tank woo fur sharing your cherry bug with me!

    PeeEssWoo: Ah yes: the windowseat!!!


  6. Hey Dennis we are glad that you figured out that award was a lady bug and not a cherry pie. I think they might taste a bit different.


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