Another New Labor-Saving Device Available!

The makers of the Vizsl-A-Matic 9000™ are proud to announce another new labor-saving device for people who have kitchens! Are you tired of having to manually defrost and clean your refrigerator?  Are you tired of cleansers, sprays, sponges, and cloths?  Is there mysterious squishy leftover food in the back of the refrigerator that you are afraid to touch, even with gloves on?  Well, we have your solution:  The new and improved Vizsl-A-Matic 10000™, featuring all the features of the Vizsl-A-Matic 9000™, plus remote audio control for many functions**!

For taller refrigerators, we recommend purchasing the Vizsl-A-Matic Elevated Cleaning Platform™ (sold separately).  Use the Vizsl-A-Matic Elevated Cleaning Platform™ to give your Vizsl-A-Matic 10000™ access to hard-to-reach spots such as countertops, upper-level pantry shelves, barbecue grills, etc.

Buy both today, and leave the cleaning to us!

The Vizsl-A-Matic 10000™ Hard At Work
** Remote audio control not guaranteed to work if the Vizsl-A-Matic 10000™ is not close enough for you to physically enforce your commands

33 thoughts on “Another New Labor-Saving Device Available!

  1. Ah so that’s how my Nana gets her kitchen clean! 😉 Though I’m not sure that the Vizsl-A-Matic 10000 is as good as the Aby-Matic 3 for getting into those hard to reach places and giving it a real good scrubbing… 😉 The Aby-Matic 3 might not have remote voice commands, well not any that are listened to! 😉 But it does come with an excellent feature for getting small object out from under the fridge freezer and the like! 🙂 Oh and the Aby-Matic 3 is totally self-cleaning…

    Setra (age 19 weeks)


  2. Where would I buy one of these — and what might it cost? I was using the Cardi-matic, but it only works for bottom shelves. It definitely has no audio control.


  3. This is obviously a soopewiow pwoduct and should be in evewy hosehold..Cleanliness is vewy impawtant..I’m suwe this will help loads of hoomans
    smoochie kisses


  4. Cool! Mom says the ‘DoodleMatic’ doesn’t work very well, and the remote control doesn’t work At All. So I think the Vizsl-A-Matic 10000™ is JUST what we need. But how well does the remote work? (Mom’s concerned about the Vizsl-A-Matic 10000™ going all wild and cleaning things (like the pantry where the dog food is) that don’t need cleaning.) If the remote works well, she says she’ll take two!

    *kissey face*


  5. Oh yes, we need one of those two, actually we could use two as their is another of those cold boxes in the garage. We are off to find the plastic thingie so we can place our order.

    Woos, the OP Pack


  6. Cool. Our Jack Russell, Jingles, will wash any dish we put on the floor, but we have been unable to teach her to put them in the cupboard after she cleans them.


  7. Wow, I could use one of those! The Rusty 1000 I have is only good for the floor, it can’t even reach the bottom shelf!

    PS. There is the cutest little girl viszla in Riley’s obediance class! I told her mom she should look you up!


  8. Da Noo Mummy cood do with wun of those, her frijmerater is aspollutely disgustipating! I woan’t go neer it, but Simba tryes to git in it. Yuk! Alfie 🙂 xxx


  9. Is there a wheelie bin cleaning attachment we have some yucky milk & red stuff of some sort in the bottom of our recycling bi that I’m not keen on cleaning out. Or do I need the Tuck-o-matic version for rubbish bins???


  10. the tollermeister 2009 is a nice complement to the The Vizsl-A-Matic 10000™, for those extra hard to reach places, when a smaller device is needed.
    color choices for the tollermeister 2009: red, red, and red.



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