wot duz mast sell meen???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay my sister trouble the kitty wuz abdukted and tayken to the vet yesterday for a rooteen chekkup and wile she wuz their my mama fownd a verry small bump on troubles side so the vet aspirayted it i am not shoor wot aspirayting meens but i think it meens putting her in wun of theez ford veehikuls and driving her arownd for a wile:

trouble had hoped for a jagwar but got a ford aspire insted

ennyway this aspirayshun reveeld that their wer mast sells inside the little bump i am not shoor wot mast sells ar eether but after dooing sum reesertch online i think it meens that if left untreeted she wood tern into a tall ship:

the gud(?) ship trouble off the coast of catalina iland

ennyway they hav sent the mast sells owt for sumthing cald siteolodjy and if the siteolodjy confirms the mast sells then they wil tayk the bump off and eeven wurse they wil brush her teeth wile she is unkonshus oh how haynus!!!!

my sister trixie has a similer bump on her side too wot they ar going to luk at on wensday it seems as if bumps ar going arownd theez days see evrywun wants to be cool like me wen i had the bump on my tale last summer eksept of korse that i did it first yoo copycats!!!! ennyway we ar al hoping that nither trouble nor trixie terns into a tall ship on akkownt of theez bumps ok bye

ps hay if ennywun is in or neer the mithical land of noo jerzey pleez be on the lukowt for runaway reskyoo siberian laska yoo can go visit my gud frend khyra for more informayshun abowt him!!! ok bye agin

32 thoughts on “wot duz mast sell meen???

  1. Oh Trouble, what have you gotten into this time? I am purring my best for you, because I know you do not want to be a tall ship with masts. You would certainly prefer to be a really speedy cigarette boat.


  2. God, I turn my back for a month and I have over 30 posts in my reader. Sorry about the Cats, hope they will be OK.

    My old boy Sam ended up being more lump than Dog but thankfully none were of any danger to him.

    Give them a lick from my Dogs or is it just my deranged bone munchers that like to lick Cats as soon as they see them.

    Of course that’s only if they know them. They eat strangers for breakfast!


  3. Hey Dennis!!
    Fingers crossed that the lumps are nofink serious. I’m sure they are not, they both just wants to be like yoos!!
    Scott x


  4. All good wishes to Trouble and Trixie with hopes that this is meerly nothing, unimportant, no big deal. Let us know, Dennis, and while you are at the vet, have Tucker’s brain checked out.



  5. Tell Trouble that a Mustang would be even cooler! My big-little brother Bufus (the cat) gets mast cell tumors occasionally and they do surgery on him – they shave him and then put in stitches, so he looks like Franken-kitty. Which is kinda cool, actually. Hopefully all is well with you kitties and it’s nothing more than a little bump removal. (And yes, everyone wants to be like you!)

    *kissey face*


  6. I am cwossing my paws that neithew Twouble ow Twixie tuwns into a sailing ship..that would be tewwible.
    You weally shouldn’t set such examples, you know evewyone will copy you
    smoochie kisses


  7. Well I hopes the lumps is not a big deel. I espeshully hopes the lumps does not turn Trouble into a ship! Kittys does not like waters. I thinks being a ship in waters wuld make Trouble a very mad kitty. If you see Trouble growing sum masts run aways!!

    Yer pal Dozer


  8. I hope that Trouble does not turn into a ship becuase that might make you all pirates. We will keep Trouble in our thoughts and Trixie too!


  9. Great. Now every time I look at your cat I will hear the song “Cool Change” playing in my head. Don’t you just love those random associations? It had to be Catalina, too clever…


  10. Gosh, those bumps seem to be in style lately. I hope everything squeezes out OK.

    Will there be any shaving involved?



  11. I do not like lumps!! Trouble, you must not be in-Trouble.. we is all ere puuring very much that you will not be a big ship!!
    purr purr purr


  12. Dennis,
    We iz Jake an Maggie Gyllendog, an wee doan noe too much about bumpz, only we bumpz our heds a lot.
    Wee went own ire firstz vizit to the vet last weak, an we had a gud tyme!
    Hope that them kitties ar gonna bee okay….


  13. Oh my goodness, what terrible goings on at your place, Dennis!! Actually, I went to the vet yesterday too – also to have a lump on my side looked at. My vet said something very similar to yours…EEeeek!! – but thankfully, she then said that my humans could just keep their eye on it (doesn’t she realise their eyes can’t come out of their sockets??) for now so I don’t have to go for a ride in a Ford Aspire yet…whew!

    Honey the Great Dane


  14. We just saw on Mango’s blog that your Dad has books to buy on Amazon. Mom is a little SLOW clearly. I just took her plastic card and ordered one, I can’t wait to read it!

    Dennis says: hello joe stains hay dada sez thank yoo for gitting wun of his buks he hopes yoo like it!!! ok bye


  15. Yes excellent gimping. My wife was born in the town of gympie, just thought I’d mention that as a side point. She hates it when I call her a gimp from Gympie


  16. Sorry to hear that. One of our Rescues had those. Tell them get really clean margins so they don’t have to do it twice! It gets pricy. I hear the earlier you get them removed the better. Good luck!

    From all your Vizsla Rescue Pals!


  17. Seems like we’ve got ourselves a ‘Bump-y pandemic’ … hope everyfurry one recovers soon!

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

    Pee Ess I had a huge bump too but the V-E-T said it was FAT 😛


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