The Dog Whisperer – Part 2

After Dennis’s session with the animal communicator, it was Tucker’s turn. Compared to Dennis, Tucker is quite the chatterbox. What does he have to say? According to my wife: “He sounded a lot like he does on your blog.” Here’s the edited version:

Tucker Talks To The Animal Communicator

This audio is about 8 minutes long. Here are some highlights:

  • 00:00 – “Why yes, I am handsome, thank you for noticing.”
  • 00:05 – Tucker is “more social” than his brother
  • 00:25 – Tucker has fish breath
  • 00:40 – Tucker is still the boss no matter what Dennis says
  • 01:15 – Tucker’s back hurts sometimes because “the baby” (Dennis) jumps on him
  • 02:45 – Is Tucker catching a cold?
  • 03:20 – Dennis hogs the bed
  • 04:35 – Tucker likes food (ya think???)
  • 05:35 – Tucker can’t figure out why Dennis is so busy all the time
  • 05:45 – “Things sure were nice around here when it was just me and Trixie …”
  • 06:00 – Dennis isn’t REALLY Tucker’s brother, in case you were wondering
  • 06:45 – Tucker’s sense of smell isn’t as good as we think it is … but he never has any trouble finding food on the counter
  • 06:54 – Tucker was here before Dennis, in case you were wondering about that, too
  • 07:15 – Tucker wants more time with Mommy (like, 24 hours a day)
  • 07:30 – Tucker says that Trixie wants more attention too — perhaps it could come out of Dennis’s allotment?
  • 07:40 –
    Tucker: “Dennis is a hog.”
    Animal Communicator (A.C.): “No, he’s just scared.”
    Tucker: “He’s stupid.”
    A.C.: “No, honey, he’s scared.”
    Tucker: “Stupid.”

My wife tells me that just after she stopped recording, Tucker announced “I’m through talking” and then wouldn’t communicate anymore.

Yeah, that sounds like Tucker, all right …

16 thoughts on “The Dog Whisperer – Part 2

  1. Hey Tucker and Dennis if you talk to the animal communicator again will you ask her to talk to Meja and tell her to stop with the bitey face, all the time bitey face. k thanks



  2. Cleerly this communikator persun has been reeding yer blog! I calls shenanigans.

    Mummy sez she does not need a communikator to tell her that Star has fish breth. Hahaha in yer face Star! Or rather far far away frum yer face.

    Yer pal Dozer


  3. I like the way Tucker thinks that Trixie’s attention time has to come out of Dennis’ allotment
    How does the AC actually determine/translate/understand all this stuff. Is it some sort of interpreting the animal’s sounds/mind reading/paw reading or just directly being able to understand their speech

    Jim says: The way she described it is that animals think in pictures and she can see and interpret the pictures. She also says that animals pick up pictures from humans’ thoughts as well. Make of that what you will!


  4. I think I’d like to be an animal communicator…I wonder how much it pays?? I found your audio highlights hugely amusing! I’m with Daisy Dog — sounded like Tucker was working the communicator!


  5. Dear Dennis,

    My mom says that the Animal Communicator’s interpretations show that your dad is right on target with this blog, but I don’t know what she means since your dad doesn’t write your blog.



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