sunday howl!!! or posibly whine!!! and a never giv up award!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay a lot of my dog frends are posting viddyos today of them or there brothers or sisters howling as a tribyoot to all the sad things wot hav ben happening laytly to owr dog and kitty frends i dont hav enny viddyo of me or tucker or trixie howling becuz we ar not reely howlers the closest thing i cud find wuz this viddyo of tucker singing for his supper it kind of sownds like a cross between howling and whining so i gess that mayks it a whowl but ennyway it sownds kind of sad so maybe it wurks heer it is:

now on akkownt of all the challendjes and sad things wot ar going on with so menny of my frends i wood like to giv them sum enkooradjment so i mayd this littel award thing wot has my motto on it heer it is:


i am giving this to the frends wot i am howling for and i wil not attatch enny roolz to it eksept to say that if yoo no a dog or kitty or rat or person or wotever wot needs enkooradjment or help gitting thru a ruff spot feel free to giv it to them ok now heer goes the handing it owt part:

i hope i havent missd ennywun wot his having ruff times lately their has been so mutch sad going arownd i may hav lost trak wow this sunday awards and meem show is kind of sad i cant leev it like that ummmmm ok heer is a littel happy viddyo to help cheer evrywun up i hope!!!!

this viddyo is frum the fred astaire stoodyo ware i went yesterday with mama and dada to watch the freedum parayd wot went rite by in downtown oshunside i wil post more pikchers of the parayd this week!!!  ok bye

29 thoughts on “sunday howl!!! or posibly whine!!! and a never giv up award!!!

  1. hi dennis
    that’s a great award you are passing on but tucker’s video makes me cry. mom got up to make him a sandwich it was so pitiful.
    can’t wait to see the parade.


  2. Hey Dennis thank you for the award! I am sure that it will bring me good luck since I have to go to the V-E-T tomorrow to have my leg looked at again.


  3. Thank you for posting the video of Tucker ‘asking’ for foods. We don’t ask for our foods now but think this is a great idea and we might try it if Mommy doesn’t get up and give us our foods straightaway.


  4. You have a very cool award Dennis Wow!!

    I love your video’s
    It makes me smiley,
    you are always hungry …. LOL
    The last video is real love,
    between you and your Mom ^__^

    hug from Kareltje =^.^=


  5. “Little Tommy Tucker sings for his supper,
    What shall we give him? Brown bread and butter.
    How shall he cut it without a knife?
    How shall he marry without a wife?”

    Dennis, you are so thoughtful. I know your badge and good thoughts will help our friends in need.


  6. Hiya Dennis! We love that last video – 11 seconds of pure smiles, it made us feel waggy all over just watching it! Cool motto – and great award, we’re sure it’ll be a big help to everyone you’ve nominated, everypup sometimes just need to know that other pups are thinking of them. Tail wags – JD and Max.


  7. Tucker sure cries sad. I like your happy movie. I played that one twice.


    P.S. Momma got your dada’s other book in the mail but she said it will “have to wait” due to other books needing reading before the library police come and get her.


  8. Your heart is certainly in the right place, Dennis, to be giving your award and trying get a howl happening,and what have you.

    We are OK, but I am happy to think if something was wrong in our lifes, you would do something for us. We would also reciprocate in that way.



  9. I’m sorry so much sadness is going around. Life certainly isn’t very fair some times.The videos were cute. Tucker sure knows how to tell it like it is. Alex my cat kept looking around a bit worried. ;+) Funny kitty.


  10. Oh my!

    What a special video! The sounds of khalifornia, eh!?!
    Mom is used to TSOP…guess this is TSOKh!

    Tank woo fur the special award and shoutout – it khomes at a good time fur Mom is pretty down right now – she is sad fur Dakota, sad fur Laska, and Bear and Ludo and other furiends I don’t know about yet
    AND Huskee and Hershey’s mom….

    I’ll work on her and remind her WOO said NOT to GIVE up!



  11. Tucker’s singing was a perfect howl – thank you for sharing that, Dennis. And we love your award. We are still very sad about Dakota but we are remaining very upbeat for Laska’s safe return. Thank you for sharing your optimistic ways.

    woos, the OP Pack


  12. I played your movie three times I loved it so much.
    Sorry I have not visited lately.
    Life is hektik here, so annoying those beans have their priorities all confooozed



  13. Cute award! And Tucker can whine with the best of em’! (namely, me! 😉 That was funny how you kept getting in the video too! 🙂



  14. Ooooh Dennis, that sounded like a truly pitiful whine…did you ever get a bite of whatever was being prepared?! Was that Tucker racing about you and looking at the camera? I’m sure all the kitties and doggies going through tough times really appreciate your encouragement award and also felt comforted by your sad whine.


  15. Great award and you are so kind to spread the love. I love the video. That is so cute. Oh and by the way, really beautiful dogs, I mean gorgeous….Or,hmmm, excuse me….handsome dogs.


  16. omdog Tucker is a loud mouth, how do you put up with it? Probably the same way I put up with Tanner. Tanner, Tucker, even their names are similar.

    ANYWAY, great job handing out the awards to those who need them this week.


  17. Thanks Dennis I will take yer advise and I will never give up crying and whining and carrying on!!! Thanks fer yer luvly award!

    I cannot howl ether but Tuckers whine did make me feel very conserned until Mummy ashured me that it was on her compooter and not in our howse.

    Yer pal Dozer


  18. oh Dennis, what a kind dog you are. I take back all the things about Tucker being nicer.

    Thanks for giving me the award, sorry I has only just seed it, we just got the computer back up and running today.
    ~lickies, Ludo


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