evrybuddy luvs a parayd!!! eksept me!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as i menshund the other day i got to go see a parayd downtown yesterday and by got to go see i meen wuz forsd to go see check it owt!!!

the parayd started rite in frunt of the fred astaire stoodyo wot mama and dada go to so they opend it up for evrywun to come and hang owt their and watch the parayd i hav ben to the stoodyo before but not wen their wuz so mutch aktivity going on and so i wuz a littel bit ummm ohhh wot is the wurd oh rite doobyus:

i hope i am not going to be ekspekted to do the samba

sum other peepul had brawt there dogs too for instanse the owner of the stoodyo brawt reaper the border collie hoo reminds me of my frend pickles wel eksept for the littel crown wot reaper wuz waring i hav never seen pickles waring a crown:

“This parade is for me, right?”

and wun of the other instruktors brawt her pit bull callie hoo reminds me of my frend princess:

“Ahhhh sunny!”

as yoo can see reaper and callie wer both verry happy to be watching the parayd!!!! but me not so mutch

can we go home now???

and that wuz before the parayd started!!! wunse it got going things got even strayndjer for instanse their wer clowns on skaytbords aaaaiiiiieeeeeee clowns!!!!!

whew that wuz a close wun the clowns almost got me!!!!!! ****shudder**** ok wel then their wuz also the entire cast of the faymus dokyoomentry howse of flying daggers!!!!

fortchoonatly they did not throw enny daggers and as yoo can see they ar gud becuz there truk sez so:

no kung fu wuz observd in the visinity of this float

their wuz sum other intresting stuf in the parayd for instanse there wuz this littel tiny car wot is probly the fyootcher of transportayshun:

zero to sixty in ummmmm never

yes sum day evrywun wil be driving golf carts mayd up to luk like the klassik woody stayshun wagon!!! then their wer theez individyooals wot i gess wer the last representativs of an aynchent and powerful rayse of jiant frankfurter men:

i for wun welkum owr noo jiant frankfurter overlords and i meen that with all sinserity!!!!

oh no jiant frankfurter man luk owt behind yoo!!!!!

unfortchoonatly the jiant frankfurter man hedjemony wuz short livd indeed

oh how sad ok lets all tayk a moment to remember the last of the frankfurter men wot wuz eeten on hiway 101 by tucker the other vizsla dog on satterday ok mooving on it wuznt all crazy frankfurter men and the cast of howse of flying daggerz and clowns on skaytbords and littel men waring fezzes and driving arownd in yet more tiny cars hoo dont appeer in this post becuz mama didnt tayk pikchers of them but they reely do eksist onnest their wuz also a parayd of pets!!!!

go pets!!! go pets!!! go pets!!! ok so in addishun to all of this stuf their wuz also important kommyoonity servises represented like this bus wot wuz enkooradjing literasy and reeding and the inappropyiat yoose of the apostrofee for mayking plurals:

wen shud wun yooze apostrofee’s??? wenever wun feel’s like it i gess!!!

hmmm evidently the oshunside library is an internet cafe and moovee and myoozik rental fasility wot also contayns a buk or too my frend s le nos all abowt libraries maybe she can tel us more wel ennyway that is pretty mutch the end of the pikchers becuz then dada went up the street to get mama a ham sandwitch frum the 101 cafe of wich i got nun thank yoo verry mutch and dada got himself a choclat malted from the 101 cafe of wich i also got nun and at that poynt all pikcher tayking disiplin pretty mutch broke down for the remainder of the parayd and so i dont hav enny pikchers of the marines frum camp pendleton in there vehickels but oh yes the marines!!!!  thats rite that reminds me this parayd had sumthing to do with freedom and independense day and the united stayts i can tel becuz of this pikcher:

its a grand old flag its a …. yoozhually hi flying flag

so i gess that meens happy erly independense day evrybuddy!!! ok bye

pee ess: laska the lost husky dog wuz fownd late yesterday nite!!! see that is why never giv up is my motto!!! ok bye

24 thoughts on “evrybuddy luvs a parayd!!! eksept me!!!

  1. That was quite a parade — Alice tucks her tail when she get scared too! She’s never been to a parade and is quite certain now that she will stay home. The Giant Frankfurter men looked interesting though! Tee hee about the apostrophes, although it’s (notice the appropriate use) really a bit sad……some of my college students must have learned their grammar and punctuation at that literacy center!


  2. I think I would like parades better if they were silent. And also, if there were many, many, many more Frankfurter men. And also some Cheezburger men. If there were parades like that, I might even drive a tiny car in one!


  3. Dennis, it looks like it was a great parade. All that was wrtong with it is that no one gave you hot dogs or ice cream — that’s flat-out wrong.

    Chase has moved his blog to http://ElyanCardigans.com because he is going to have puppies, so needs to be the star of the blog. I hope you’ll visit him there.


  4. I’m so glad that Falun Dafa is good, it may have ruined the parade if he/she was evil
    Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Oxi-Clean guy & now Super Sized Hotdog Man, Oh the sorrow, it’s all too much to bear


  5. We are sure a paraid would be visual overload for Schugg-a-roo (personally I can’t stand stuff like that… I’m always worried about how I’m going to leave!).

    oh and by the way your award to the OP Pack was just darling!

    xo sugar & martine


  6. Well ekcept fer the jiant hotdawg men I thinks that wuz wun parade we could have all dun without. I would have been skeered of everythang frum tiny cars to clowns to pets and Mummy started shaking wen she sawed the pitcher of the bookmobile. Then she sorta skreamed and choked and started reaching fer a red pen and I had to takes the laptop away frum her before she did damaje to it. Dennis I thinks you wuz rite to steer cleer of that parade of trubble not to be confoosed with yer kitty Trouble.

    Yer pal Dozer


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