35 thoughts on “The New Kid

  1. Yes, Nala is right, maybe get some comfort and relaxation on the couch first. But of course if the couch starts antagonizing you for no apparent reason I completely agree you should stand your ground!


  2. Wow Dennis. I wish I was allowed to give our couches scars… JUST PLAYING.. I think it’s cool that I’m the same color as our couches so if it’s dark enough – my 2 leggers cant even see me on the thing unless they really look.

    is the new couchy comfy? did you try it out yet??

    Bell Bell


  3. Diniz….It’s lucky again. I herd my pop and mom cryin and talkin about uthenazia…..I dunno wut that iz, so I started walking better and holding my hade up and i stopped falling down…..so now theyz happy cuz i don’t have to go do whutever it waz makin them cry. huminz r silly


  4. Harharharharhar!!! Your new kid seems to have the same skin as mine. I mean my sofa’s skin, not my own skin; and my sofa’s quite old and is a different shape, but their skin patterns look alike. Okay, just saying, shutting up now… 🙂 xxx


  5. Oh Dennis, that looks like hours of fun!! Hee hee. We can send Sophie over to helps if you likes – she has already sampled our new rawhide sofa, on your recommendation! BOL 😉


  6. New Couch, Just think of it as some Dennis Lurvin …. hehehehe 😉

    Our furniture has suffered some Dog WOods Pack lurvin too – check out the gnawed legs … wonderful to chew on …

    Licks and wags

    TUffy and the Dog WOods Pack


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