employment reekwest or mr walter smith waysts my time!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel aparently tucker gayv all those televizhun shows my kontakt informayshun becuz i hav started gitting bils frum them to reepayr the damadj he did to there catering tabels and the fud wot he ayt not to menshun the injereez he allejedly inflikted upon there hosts contestants or speshul gests now of korse as yoo no i reesently lost my entire pig powders fortchoon in yet another unfortchoonat industryal aksident wot wuz not my fawlt and didnt involv me dooing ennything ilegal but stil the end reesult is that i dont hav the fundz to pay theez bils fortchoonatly i hav kept menny valyooabul email offers in reeserv for just sutch an emerjency!!!

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we interrupt wurdless wensday to bring yoo the ballistic times!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i no yoo ar probly ekspekting wun of those wurdless wensday posts wot seem to always feetcher my brother tucker the other vizsla dog however insted today i wood like to annownse that my flyball teem the ballistic racers now has there verry own blog at ballisticracers.wordpress.com!!!  this blog is mostly beeing run by my mama with okayzhunal by wich i meen freekwent teknikal assistense frum my dada i jenerusly offerd to help mama with her speling grammer and punkchooayshun all of wich is atroshus but she declined hmph gud luk gitting ennywun to figger owt wot yoo ar trying to say!!!

ennyway if yoo hav ever wanted to no more abowt flyball or the ballistic racers or my mama for instanse wot her reel naym is pleez go visit the noo blog and leev a comment to say hello i no mama wood appresheeayt it!!!  thank yoo nice reederz!!!!  ok bye

Parvo Puppies Update

A big thank you to everyone who was concerned about the puppies who had been rescued from the desert and were being treated for parvo!  We’ve heard an update from the rescue list about them and it sounds very positive:

Good news all the way around! We have tested the boy twice, and he is showing negative. The little girl came home to her foster family on Saturday and is eating like she hasn’t eaten in a week! Ok, well I guess she really does have a week to make up! Her foster mom says she is working on fattening her back up. Both puppies seem to be doing well. Thank you to everyone for your donations, prayers, and good thoughts! keep them coming as we want to make sure these two little ones are going to heal up and return to 100%!

The vet does say little Cleo should be safe to go up for adoption in a week. She is a fighter!

Thanks again everyone!


hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo may remember last week i fownd owt that we mite hav a selebritty heer at the howse grooming tucker however i hav ben unaybel to determin for shoor if this is troo or not so now i am thinking i mite hav been pre … preematch … well ennyway it mite hav ben too soon for me to call tmz and tel them abowt it but thats ok i am shoor they woodnt hav tayken me seeryusly i meen reely hoo wud beleev sumthing wot came in at randum frum the internets frum a vizsla waring growtcho glasses and calling himself dog throat????  ha ha oh hmmm trixe is barking at sumthing owtside pleez ekskyooz me wile i go see wot it is ok bye

Moments Later …

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the sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by me beeing awsum

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this weeks awards and meem show is mostly just a meem show becuz i wuz tagd by my frend era to giv seven reezons why i am awsum!!!  wel ok teknikly era tagd evrybuddy heer wich is me and tucker and trixie and eeven trouble the kitty for sum reezon now of korse we cant all tell all the reezons why we ar awsum becuz that wood tayk like all day but we can probly manadj seven appeese ok heer goze:

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The Doghouse Of Justice Returns

When I last filed a dispatch, I was about to join the mysterious Doctor inside a dog house on the Planet Petco, where we hoped to hide from the fearsome Kongleks. But it turned out that this was no ordinary dog house; it was, in fact, a very special one, and one that I once knew well

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Rescue Parvo Pups

Two of the vizsla puppies currently in rescue have come down with parvo.  Vizsla rescue is pretty stretched at the moment and is accepting donations to cover the costs of trying to save these little guys.  They were found in an abandoned house out in the desert.  From the vizsla rescue list:

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top ten kowntdown with life with dogs!!! and casey kasem!!! and pawla and simon!!! and me!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo may hav herd that my gud frend life with dogs wuz reesently askd by the faymus blogs dot com to post a list of his top ten favrit dog blogs chek it owt!!!

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