29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Mama’s Got A Mean Right Hook*

  1. Dennis, we know what it’s like to try different diets; Harley has caused us to try many different foods, but he still has EGC. But it’s getting a little better. I hope the diet that works best for your skin is the most scrumptious one.


  2. Dennis – OMDOG.. this happens to you too? My fur is totally sensitive to evfurry thing. Is yours too Dennis? I know Vizsla’s and Weimaraners are sorta in the same category of dogs, mama told me..
    My furs are finally growing back except my tail is really irritated 😦 .. mama tries to puts medicine’s on it but it’s still all funky she says..
    Hope your diet is helping buddy…

    your friend Bell girl


  3. Urk, Dennis! What is that on your neck? Something you probably picked up on your trip to Paris/McDonald’s basement.

    Maybe just lay low for a while and see if you can’t heal it up.




  4. Chase sez: raw, raw, raw! (and Siss, Boom, Bah! For the holiday, you know.) Chicken backs, organ meat, ground lamb, duck necks, a couple of teaspoons of Missing Link Plus, some Vitamin C and you’ll be gleaming from nose to tail tip.


  5. From Dennis’s mama: Dennis has been on a home prepared all raw diet since last December. Prior to last December, Dennis had been on a few of the premium brands of kibble and canned. From December to the present, Dennis has been eating a home prepared raw diet. He regularly gets whole cornish hens, green tripe, lamb, beef (which was recently eliminated), and on occasion rabbit or pheasant, 10-15% chicken liver, beef liver or beef kidney. He gets pureed fresh veggies, sardine/anchovy oil (for omega 3 fatty acids), vitamin e, vitamin c, powdered kelp and powdered alfalfa. His coat has actually improved a tremendous amount, we’re just trying to get it to completely fill in. Dennis has begun seeing a new vet who is traditionally and holistically trained. He came highly recommended to us by our agility instructor, as well as a few other people we know. Dennis is currently trying Standard Process Whole Body Support and Dermal Support supplements. He seems to have the best coat when the only protein source is chicken, but this may be due to the very high omega 6 content of chicken, as compared to beef and lamb which is considerably lower. To test this theory, I have started adding some safflower oil (also high in omega 6 fatty acids) to any non-chicken meal. We will be evaluating each change by photos, and consulting with his vet.

    For a picture of Dennis on his first day in our house, click here. He’s come a long way!


    1. Thank you for that information. Daisy has bad allergies, and did not test that food was part of them, but I can’t help but think the right diet would help. She is on a Nutro organic kible and I add beef or chicken or rice and pumpkin, she is a picky eater.


  6. Dennis,
    I’m more amazed at your cervical flexibility. Looks like you could play a role in the exorcist.

    Hey- more important- great post on the rescues. I wish I could get a sibling.


  7. Aw Dennis, your Momma goes to a lot of trouble with your foods and your furs certainly are much, much better than when you were first adopted. I hope the foods and your new v-e-t will get you all unbalded soon! 🙂 xxx


  8. He has come a very long way in deed. He looks FANTASTIC compared to that first day after the canyon excursion.

    Good luck. I know you will do everything to work it out. You two get the Vizsla Parents of the Year Award in my book.

    Rocket & Delilah’s mom


  9. Wow Dennis – you look super now compared to when you were first brought home. Were you a rescue doggy? I think your mama loves you tooooooo much (that’s a good thing, my boy always says it to me he says, Bell, I love you too much) BOL KIDS ARE CUTE.. I’m so amazed at how great you look now – never would have thought you had any problems to look at you now. Maybe it’s because I have a little bit of skin issues too my mama bought me Avoderm (I wish I could have raw meats like you though, LUCKY DOG DENNIS). So far so good for me, but my mama heard that Solid Gold is a furry good food to use so I might bark at mom to get that if this Avoderm dont help me..
    you look great dog
    Bell & her mama


  10. There’s no such thing as loving a furbaby too much. There’s just too many who don’t know that LOVE is NEEDED terribly by furbabies. I’m so glad he’s getting all the love in your hearts.


  11. Dennis! Good luck with all those diets. I wish I could eat the raw foodables, but Master won’t let me.

    I didn’t know you were all nekked when you came home. Keep us posted on your foodable experiments.



  12. Wooo, Dennis, from baldy to what you are today – we think you’re doing great! We have home prepared chicken meals too (chief cooks ’em) and has elimininated beef from our diet. We don’t really have much of a skin problem – save for Snoopy and you can tell chicken’s great for her by how her fur’s gleaming!

    From the blindingly bright furred Dog WOods Pack! 😉


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